How Banking Capital Has Become A Top Contender In Banking

Banking is one of those service or services that has it’s place in society. Without banking, the world would be a much dangerous place especially because it deals with money. There are literally hundreds of banks across this great country of ours. Some being national styled banks while others are more of a regional style. NexBank Capital is one of the premier banking institutions in the nation. This Dallas, Texas institution stands at the top of the regional banking industry thanks to it’s myriad of innovative services. NexBank Capital’s ability to evolve with the times has made it into a powerhouse as it’s now able to compete with the much larger national banking institutions and this is why.

Having the ability to host or to provide a broad range of services is crucial for growth. NexBank Capital personifies this best with it’s wide array of services that includes:

  • Treasury Management
  • Public Funds
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Credit Services
  • Agency Services
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • And many more

Evolution is the key and since it’s birth as “Heritage Bank” in the beginning, NexBank Capital has become a top regional bank. Any great organization must have great leadership and John Holt epitomizes this notion best. John Holt is the President and CEO here. He’s done a wonderful job with the bank’s growth, the introduction of newer services, as well as implementing advanced technology into the program. Not only does the bank specialize in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking, it offers services for other financial institutions, large corporations, and middle market companies. NexBank Capital has found a winning strategy that many other banks can follow for success.