HaroldoJacoboviczAnd His Career As A Technology Expert

October 30, 2021 0 Comments

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a self-made entrepreneur who started from grass, but through determination, commitment, and focus, he managed to move to higher ranks to become a serial entrepreneur. He admits that growing to greater ranks never comes on a bed of roses. Haroldo Jacobovicz has experienced several challenges that need expertise and time to solve. When planning to start a business, capital is integral. Capital is a key factor when establishing any business. You also need to understand your customers, who are consumers, before establishing your business. The location of your business is another area of focus. Haroldo, recently interviewed by Ideamensch, talked of his career endeavors and plans towards growing his entrepreneurship career.

Jacobovicz began his career endeavors as an entrepreneur two decades ago while still on campus. He adds that college is integral, especially in shaping one's career, establishing connections with fellow students, and looking for mentorship from those in the same career as yours. Haroldo Jacobovicz and his team came up with a business idea, put it on the table, and tried bringing the ideas to life.

They made up their mind to dwell on information technology. However, failure to understand their business and not have the right marketing skills contributed to the company's collapse. This motivated Haroldo Jacobovicz and vowed to succeed in his entrepreneurship career. Haroldo worked smart and remained focused on being a leader in business development.

With time, Haroldo grew and managed to expand his career. He gives business advice to other entrepreneurs, both starters and developed. He has a passion for sharing business ideas and explains that its integral towards business growth. He also urges upcoming entrepreneurs on the need to read more. According to Haroldo, success and growth is gradual process. Take your time to establish yourself and achieve your goals.

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