Greg Secker – Business and Latest Project in Philanthropy

Greg Secker, an English entrepreneur and online trader, has built up his career on knowledge and teaching other people to trade online and move forward. He is the founder of online trading programs such as Learn to Trade and businesses in the trading industry such as FX Capital, and Smart Charts Software, to name a few.

The trading businesses established by Greg Secker are united under the Knowledge to Action group. From them, Learn to Trade has been the most successful venture, as the firm has expanded globally with offices in a number of major cities around the world such as New York, London, Singapore, and many others. Learn to Trade teaches people how to put the theory to practice instead of hammering away at the textbook material. The teachers and trainer are online traders which enables them to provide an accurate description of the business today and an updated hands-on experience.

Other than online trading, Greg Secker has worked in finance, investments, e-commerce, and real estate, to name a few. One of his latest projects is the Iloilo project in Capinahan, Lemery which is in the Philippines. The English businessman is getting to work in the area to help the devastated population that has suffered through the recent typhoon. More than a hundred homes were demolished, and it is up to people such as Greg Secker to help out.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist were joined by the athlete Nonito Donaire, Jr who met with Greg Secker in Las Vegas and together they will be traveling to the Philippines. The boxing star is adamant that athletes need to involve themselves more in philanthropic efforts. Nonito Donaire, Jr said that athletes need to learn that their influence can be used for more than sports and help improve and save lives.

By joining Greg Secker in his efforts to help the devastated Iloilo, boxing star Nonito Donaire Jr is hoping to light the way for others n his line fo work and inspire them to take action and show that they are good for a lot more than their designated fields.