Greg Secker: Be a “Why Not” Guy

Greg Secker is the founder of Learn To Trade. It is one of the most popular training programs for forex trading in the world. It includes the top coaching program for trading in the United Kingdom. He is also the founder of FX Capital, Smart Charts, and more.

Greg Secker started out at Thomas Cook Financial Services, but he eventually moved on to doing forex trading from his home full time. His friends and family saw how successful he was, and they came to him to ask him how he did it. Essentially, Greg explains, those were his first customers. It later expanded into what is now Learn To Trade.

Greg explained that he is truly grateful for the support he gets from his family, his friends, and his business partners. He says that he would not have been able to do it without them. He says that whenever he meets new people, he will learn new things and ask them questions. After every conversation, he says, he will ask himself what new information or advice he gained from it.

Greg Secker is not a guy who asks why, but a guy who asks why not. His most satisfying moment in life was when he founded Learn To Trade and was able to help others turn their lives around. Greg Secker says that there is no limit to what you can do. If you never try, you will never get anywhere. That is why you do not have to ask yourself why, but you have to ask yourself why not.

Greg said that his worst job was when he was working at a bar. The pay was not worth it, customers were rude, and some acted poorly when they were drunk. He did learn, however, how to read a person by using body language.

Greg Secker started the Greg Secker Foundation. It focuses on youth programs and education. After a typhoon in the Philippines, it contributed towards the rebuilding of 100 homes. He also wrote several books and gives speeches around the world.