Greg Secker: a man without limits

Greg Secker is a 42-year-old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker. He is widely considered an expert trader and displays a fiery passion for teaching others.

Down to Earth and Insightful

In an interview posted on Inspirery, Secker laid out his views on his success and things that drive him. “ I’m not a guy that asks why, but why not?” A quote that has become largely associated with Secker and efficiently defines him and the message he presents to others. During the interview, he was asked what inspired him to start his business? Quite often the answer from self-made millionaires and billionaires centers more around an opportunity in a specific market. Secker’s answer seems more motivated by his passion for teaching others.”I notice a lot of people struggled to begin trading with ease.”Secker would then go on to outline some of the issues that hold back the average person such as not having access to education or being required to take high risks to begin trading.

During the interview, Secker answered various questions about what makes him successful or about his personal motivations. The reoccurring themes that seem always come up from Secker’s answers are other people, friends, family or people just trying to obtain the knowledge he has to convey in order to improve their own life. His philanthropist soul appears to radiate into everything he does.

Secker’s Meteoric Rise

Greg Secker started out working for Thomas Cook financial services. His drive and insight had made him a multimillionaire by his mid-twenties. He had wild success running VTD Virtual Trading Desk; VTD was the first online real-time trading forex. He began working from home at 27 years old and has ever since. Secker does maintain an array of offices all over the that include Johannesburg, Sydney, London, and Capetown. Secker has branched out as an international speaker that is regularly contacted by CNBC and Bloomberg. At this point, Secker has spoken to tens of thousands of people who have attended his seminars and workshops.

Secker has an undying passion for teaching others; let us hope he finds students equally as eager to absorb his vast knowledge.