Goettl Air Conditioning: Over Seven Decades Of Greatness

A company like Goettl Air Conditioning stays around for seven decades because they do things the right way. They don’t short change the customer, and they don’t lie to them. They give it to them straight and they leave nothing to chance when doing their job. Goettl has been around since 1939 and they have done a ton of great air conditioning work in the Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas areas. As everyone knows, these are unseasonably warm areas that really on working air conditioners. If they don’t have them, it can be a really bad situation for people depending on their health.

When one reads up on them and visits their wonderful website, they see smiling faces and they see a group of individuals that truly care about the job they are doing. They don’t believe in doing a poor job or just phoning it in for the sake of it. They know they have a job to do, and for them, they want to do that job as well as possible. They know a lot of people are counting on them and they want to make their customers happy. They know that if they make the customers happy, they can stay around for another seven decades.

It starts with Ken Goodrich, as this is a man with a heart of gold. This recent story really touched a lot of people, as it showed the difference he made by giving $1,000 dollars worth of tools to a veteran on his way to graduation. He has been overwhelmed by the support and very grateful for all the people that have stepped up to the plate to help him. It is not every day that this sort of thing happens, but it seems to happen a lot with Ken Goodrich at the helm of the company.

As far as the services Goettl provides, they are known for their wonderful repairs. In some instances, a machine needs a little tune up and they can get those repairs taken care of as soon as possible. They also handle maintenance, which is something that people seem to think is not needed at times because they view it as if it is not broke, why fix it? However, it is important as this way someone is able to catch something before it gets out of hand. They can also install a new machine as well if that is needed.