George Soros – Far More Than Just Another Financial Success Story

A story about an 86-year old, Hungarian of Jewish ancestry, who became a citizen of the United States after the horrific experience of World War II would be compelling if it were nothing more than a narrative about human survival.

However, the account of the life of George Soros steps beyond being just a tale of human fortitude in the face of oppression. Soros transformed himself into one of the most financially successful men in the world, but he never forgot where he came from and the hardships he endured.

Developing an Ideology

George Soros escaped the rigid scrutiny of a communistic post-war Hungry to study at the London School of Economics. There he would begin building an intricate understanding of the complicated world of business and finance, but also formulate his vision of a Utopian society where people lived in peaceful harmony.

For Soros, this ideology on quickly met with drastically conflicting views of how a perfect society could ever be realized, while culturally we lived within the spectrum of so many differing political aspirations.

An Investment Icon

From his first hedge fund, the Double Eagle, established in 1969, Soros built one of the most successful investment strategies ever in the world of business. The Double Eagle became what is now the Quantum Group, where Soros amassed a multi-billion worth that ranks him as one of the 30 wealthiest men in the world.

His most significant financial endeavor may have been when he became known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England‘, in 1992. On Wednesday, September 16, Soros cleared over a billion dollars, cementing his name as the foremost currency speculator in the world.

Giving it Back

A number of self-made billionaires retreat into seclusion, hoarding their wealth like squirrels horde a bevy of acorns. That has not been the ideological theory of George Soros. In 1979, long before he turned a speculative hunch into a billion dollar windfall, Soros created the Open Society Foundation to be true to his sense of commitment to the world. This was written on

Giving back to a world that Soros felt compelled to repay in no small measure, with gratitude because of his financial good fortune, has marked the life of this self-made man. Funneling a great deal of his fortune into the Open Society, Soros has been able influence a network of worldly humane causes in more than a 100 countries.

From a man whose father once had to change their family name to escape the tyranny of an oppressive governmental regime, Soros has financially supported hundreds of endeavors to promote the ideal of democratic freedom around the world. When someone uses the old adage, “put your money where your mouth is”, George Soros has lived his life doing just that. Some deatils was reported on Forbes.