George Soros, A Capitalist Who Believes In The Unparalleled Benefits Of Open Societies

The world consists of two types of visionaries, the first group believes in the power of oppression, while the second group, believes in the immense benefits of living in a humanist world that consists of open societies. While the term, open societies hasn’t quite caught on with many, the benefits of these societal structures are recognized by many leaders who are also humanitarians. One such humanitarian is George Soros, who is part of the Open Society Foundation and has donated $18 Billion in the attempt of creating a better society that promotes a consistent humanistic approach.

Open societies are built on the ideology, that no one has a right to monopolize the truth and that people are different in many ways, societies should be built around allowing people and various communities to live together in harmony. The dire need for an open society in today’s world arises due to governments and other social structures acting like dictators where they believe in an ultimate truth, and aren’t afraid to use the weapon of oppression to achieve their goals.

George Soros understands first hand about these concepts, as he had a modest beginning. He was born to a family that did not have much in the means of wealth but had more important things such as compassion. He completed his education by paying for it through working as a railroad porter and a waiter, soon after that, he worked as a hedge fund manager who was responsible for handling the accounts of various clients who were essential to the success of the financial sector. When George Soros was in a position to start contributing to the welfare of people, this philanthropist actively began providing funds to various causes, such as the end poverty cause in Africa. For this particular noble mission, he donated $75 million, as this project was geared mainly at aiding the efforts of the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project which was aimed at bringing in essentials such as food, water, and electricity to that country.

George Soros has also positively influenced policy changes, promoted education in minorities while ensuring that minorities gain their rights to live a dignified life. His primary purpose in aiding minorities is to protect people from acts of police brutality all while empowering these humans to be able to live a life that is free from harassment due to profiling, segregation, and discrimination.

At the age of 87, George Soros continues on his path to free people from oppression, through the work done by his Open Society Foundation. He has created an article called, The Capitalists Threat which was published on The Atlantic, and this article elaborates on the need for Open Societies that let people of different standings live together without being oppressed.

Like all visionaries, George Soros has been targeted by conspiracy groups on various occasions especially because of all the good work he has done in his lifetime. He has been accused of undermining the American way of life, along with other baseless allegations. Ironically, these falsified claims only stand to prove the urgent need for an open society where philanthropists and humanitarians are the deserving leaders that guide the rest of the world with utmost compassion and kindness.

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