George Soros A Business Magnate, Philanthropist And Policy Reform Enthusiast

George Soros is one of the wealthiest businessmen and smartest investors on the planet today. The amount of success achieved by George Soros in the field of business is unimaginable, and many of his business moves have become case studies in the premier league business universities across the globe. George Soros’s life is nothing if not eventful, and he has seen both the World Wars firsthand and also noticed from the very early age how the politics can shape the world. From the very beginning, George Soros has believed that the society should be fair and just to everyone without any partiality or bias. It is this belief that was further fuelled when he came across the book named Open Society and its Enemies, written by Karl Popper.

While studying philosophy at the London School of Economics, he came across the ideology propagated by Karl Popper and left a mark on him. George Soros believes that it is essential for the people to come together to support democratic ideals and oppose the rise of totalitarianism in the world, which has the power to suppress the voice of the people and take away many of their fundamental rights. George Soros sees marginalization as the symptom of capitalist threat that has become more noticeable than ever before today. George Soros has made a fortune from the hedge funding business that he uses to fuel many humanitarian efforts that he supports through his foundation, the Open Society Foundation.

Chris Stone, President of Open Society Foundation, says that the organizations go to great lengths to identify the communities across the globe that are marginalized and needs a helping hand. One the section of the people and the communities are defined, the Open Society Foundation does everything in their power to uplift the community and its people through economic development, education, humanitarian efforts, and propelling policy reforms. George Soros completed his training with Masters in Philosophy from the London School of Economics, but later on, decided to continue his career in finance. George knew that if he wants to make it big in the financial world, the ideal place is the United States.

George Soros shifted to New York City after completing his education and tried to gain experience in the financial world by working at the local banks for a couple of years. It equipped him with the knowledge necessary to start his hedge fund, which is today known as the Quantum Fund. It is one of the safest and the most profitable hedge funding company in the world. George Soros has ensured that he uses his long-term vision for the business, and so far has achieved great heights in the corporate world. George Soros says that capitalist threat is real and people must not take it lightly. George Soros does not only support hundreds of charities across the globe through the Open Society Foundation but also goes out of the way to help the political candidates of his choice. He believes that with right people in power, it would become much easier to implement various policy reform measures.

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