Facebook’s Messenger Kids App Is Actually Designed To Help Bring Families Closer Together

The new Messenger Kids app from Facebook has generated controversy since its introduction in December 2017. In a recent Tech Crunch article, David Marcus, the vice president of Messaging Products at Facebook responds to the criticism aimed at the company’s new service.

Critics of the Messenger Kids app claim that it encourages kids to start using social media sites at too young an age. Mr. Marcus, however, says that it is a good product that will help to bring families closer together.

Speaking at a major technology event in Los Angeles this week, David Marcus said that the Messenger Kids app allows younger members of the family to participate in group chats. The Facebook vice president also said that his own daughter uses the app every day, and it allows them to communicate better.

As far as Messenger’s main app is concerned, Mr. Marcus says that he does not want it to become even more like email. Although customers can interact with brands through the platform, it is designed so that the consumer is the one initiating the communication.

Another use for Messenger that David Marcus is optimistic about is for peer-to-peer transactions. It is hoped that consumers will increasingly use Messenger in place of more well-known cash transfer services to make different types of payments. One way or the other, Messenger is an effective app that people everywhere like to use.