Facebook Rolls Out New Login Security Feature

Facebook is more than just a social media site. Facebook has become the new frontier of global communications. All members have to do is log into their accounts and post messages to their many friends and followers. And the whole thing is free. Concerns do arise about the security associated with logging into a Facebook account. With so many millions upon millions of members, those with unsavory motivations may be interested in breaching accounts on the social network. Facebook understands these concerns and takes them seriously. The social media kingpin is now taking steps to employ security keys for safer logins.


Security keys employ a “two-factor authentication“, which means hackers cannot breach and account even when they have the username and password. Once word about this new feature gets out, a lot of people are sure to take advantage of it. Mysteriously, many others won’t. Then again, there may not be much of a mystery to their motivations. They simply assume nothing will happen to them.


Nobody should ever take such a lax attitude towards internet security. Hackers are always on the move looking to procure valuable information and data. Hackers truly do follow the “leave no stone unturned” mantra when performing their work. Anyone who doesn’t believe this theory should take heed of the Yahoo! hack. Over one billion accounts were compromised during that fiasco.


Security keys may not be perfect, but the added layer of protection reflects improvements. The added improvements and protections could prevent a lot of hacker-induced grief.