Facebook Is Combating Fake News With New Feature

It seems that Facebook is undergoing some major changes and these ones, for the better. Recently Facebook has been plagued by what many are calling “fake news.” Facebook has been trying to save face after many people accused them of promoting fake news. Facebook needed to undergo some changes to rise to the top of social media apps once again. They had to show people that they’re a trustworthy site. At the end of the day, Facebook is a business. In order to run a successful business, sometimes you have to make bold moves to fix things.

According to The Verge, Facebook is testing out some new features to combat fake news. They are working on creating a section on Facebook where it populates local news based on the user’s geographical location. This includes stories from local television stations and newspapers, important government alerts, and memos from local police departments. This new section is being tested in just a few cities but if it goes off without a hitch, it might soon spread to other cities. This is just what Facebook needs to prove that they are serious about cutting down on the spread of fake news.

For a while, people wondered if anything would be done. Afterall, was it even Facebook’s problem if the fake news was spreading on their site? It wasn’t cutting down their advertisement revenue or having their user’s population fall. Still, it was hurting their reputation and Facebook wanted to do the right thing. That’s what this new test of a local news section is doing.