Entrepreneurs, Beware This Terrible Way of Networking on Social Media

A new trend is on the watch out in all social media platforms. You might get a friend request from someone you have no idea about your business. In the end, you realize that that person is connected to other people who might be interested in your products and services. Shortly after sending you a friend request, they tell you what they want through a short message or email.


Every day you will get these friend requests as an entrepreneur. The first thing they want is to have you write them a list of what you do or offer in the business platform. They also want to know more information about your company or business. In short, they want to book a consultation or speaking gigs. In the end, they only want to know what can benefit them. They want to get it right in the end. When it comes to networking, you must understand some things.


Lead with Value

For you to be a better leader, you must focus on what you want. Networking is right for those who seek to benefit from you. If they see no value in you, they will throw you up. For you to make good use of your time, ensure you have a wide range or articles or links to your website that you will send them to have their questions answered. You must not engage in taking phone calls from them before sending them a link of what can answer their questions. After that, you can engage in calls.