Emojis, Reactions and a Dislike Option Are Now Part Of Facebook Messenger

A recent tech article that I read today concerns Facebook installing emojis and a Dislike button on their messaging system. The article states that the enhancements to the system are only available to some Facebook Messenger users at this point.


Emojis are those little digital icons that are utilized to display feelings or emotions online. Often appearing as small yellow smiley-faces, these icons now also display a wide range of other emotions. On Facebook, these icons are known as Reactions.


It has been confirmed by Facebook that they are indeed testing the emoji-dislike option on a small scale for now, but if the option proves to be popular, it may become standard equipment for all Facebook Messenger users.


Although the News Feed pages on Facebook already provide users with emojis to use, there are no Dislike buttons on those pages. Apparently, a Dislike button on the News Feed pages is the most-requested feature on Facebook, but the company does not want to install one.


Interestingly, the powers that be at Facebook have decided that a Dislike button may promote negativity on the News Feed, so the pages continue to feature only a Like option.


The Reactions options on Facebook have been a hit with users so far, with more than 300 billion of them sent already.


A main point that the author of the article seems to be making is that Facebook will be better able to compete with other social media messaging systems by keeping their own system as convenient as possible.