Elysium Health Creates a Supplement Unlike Any Other

The company Elysium Health is one of the rising businesses in the field of biotech. Elysium health has been working for about a year on the first product which is called Basis.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk around the supplement Basis. Many are speculating whether the new supplement might be the fountain of youth or at least a big step closer to one. Others analyze time and again what basis is made of and how each of the few ingredients of the pills and what is the function that each of the compounds performs in the body.http://www.businessinsider.com/elysium-health-supplements-2016-3

Among the discussions, however, Elysium Health has stressed many a time that the supplement Basis is not a fountain of youth, but it is, in fact, simply a supplement. Basis caters to cellular health, and it can improve the metabolic functions of the body, which means improving the metabolism, as well as help, purify and detoxify the cells.

Although the Basis pills are supplements, there are a number of factors that set them apart from other supplements on the market and put them a level above. The production of supplement as a whole has not been of the highest quality. Even tough productions aim to have a certain amount of an ingredient, every pill has different amounts of the substance. Some pills can have barely any amounts while other can be pumped full. You can never know what you are getting, especially since supplements are not viewed as treatments medications, and so they are not required to go through the FDA.

Elysium Health’s Basis, on the other hand, has a strict line of production which is monitored closely. The effectiveness of the pills relies on the amounts of the ingredients, after all. The capsules are produced in the Elysium health labs and are available only on the website of the company.

So, what does Basis contain? The main ingredient of the capsules of Basis is NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD occurs naturally in the body as it is present in the DNA. Cells lose NAd as thy age which is directly hooked to our metabolism. Calorie intake and metabolism are not only about losing and gaining weight. A good metabolism that functions properly also plays a huge part in the detoxification of the cells which, in turn, keeps them clean and healthy for a longer time. That is why Basis is explained as a ”cellular health” supplement and not as a pill.

Up to date, Elysium Health is preparing for the first human trials for Basis. The researchers will study the effects of the first trial participants and how the additional NAD levels affect their metabolic systems.