Edgard Corona as a Successful Entrepreneur

October 5, 2021 0 Comments

Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smartfit, a fitness company that operates in Brazil. With 480 gyms and R$1 billion earned last year alone, he’s certainly doing something right! Before becoming the top entrepreneur he currently is, Edgard Corona was trained as an engineer.

However, he found himself running his family’s sugar mills after getting laid off from another engineering job at Sao Paolo Engineering Company. They closed down all their departments due to economic reasons. Even though this has been part one of how much success Edgard has had. He worked for others and started companies under different brands over two decades ago, such as Bio Ritmo & Smartfit group.

With a presence in Latin countries like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru, Smartfit has consolidated the market with more than 1.6 million students enrolled at their gyms! This is an incredible achievement given how small Estonia’s population size is compared to these regions’ populations.

The intelligent company reshaped exercise routines and what we know about global fitness trends by putting pressure on all other companies operating within the said territory or market space, including those from nearby countries like Ecuador.

Edgard Corona was an entrepreneur from the moment he was born. He explains his road to success right from his childhood age. Born in Brazil, his earliest business ventures were with materials analysis and confectionary during college years-a time when most people are just trying to figure out what they want for their lives! He put these two successful companies up for sale to pursue other interests, which led him down a path of entrepreneurship once again. This time, he started Bio Ritmo fitness clubs throughout Sao Paulo state’s interior region, where sugar mills have been operating since colonial times. As if founding another gym wasn’t enough work already, he is a partner builder at one too! To learn more visit: here.