Donald Trump Uses Twitter to Propel His Campaign

Love him or hate him, it is very hard to deny the enormous impact that Twitter has had on the presidential campaign of real estate mogul Donald Trump. The Republican nominee has used the social media platform to share his opinions and vent his frustrations on a wide variety of issues throughout the course of his campaign. Trump has developed a reputation for sending out tweets very early in the morning. What makes Trump’s tweets so interesting is that they are done by him. He does not use members of his staff to send out very carefully constructed tweets like the vast majority of other politicians. Trump has embraced social media in a way that no other candidate for a major American political office has done before.


Trump’s tweets have often caused a stir in the media. However, the social media platform has enabled Trump to immediately chime in on various topics instead of having to wait for his next campaign speech. Members of Trump’s own party have frequently criticized Trump for the tweets he sends out. Many fellow Republicans believe that Trump should learn to censor himself and be more careful about what he says on social media. However, their advice does not seem to have taken hold.  Will he be able to win the presidency?


One thought on “Donald Trump Uses Twitter to Propel His Campaign

  1. Addilynn Alonso Post author

    Trump shows absolutely no signs of changing the way he tweets. He does not believe in sending his tweets through a committee before the public reads them. He won the nomination with this mentality. This may be as easy as it seems but would appropriately have something to tango for if possible get their hands across it for a while.

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