Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg’s Eagerness To Bring Excitement To Fashion


There seems to be some kind of renaissance in the fashion industry. For one thing, more people are taking an interest in fashion. Some of it has to do with the new designs that are coming forth. However, there are the people that seem to believe that the right clothes can influence their moods and their sense of self. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg seem to be some of the people that are involved in this renaissance. They are bringing forth new styles even to areas that have been stagnant about style. This is one of the reasons that there seems to be an increase in sales.


One thing that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler seem to be doing is building brands for areas that need a breath of life in them. Among the areas of fashion they have touched is athletic wear for women. While women generally have a wide diversity of styles available to them, this seems to stop with athletic wear. As a matter of fact, Don told Brandettes that athletic wear for women is comparable to fashion for men. The clothes are all design based on function with little to no attention paid to the aesthetic of the clothing.


Adam and Don are very interested in reaching every customer they can. While they have started with women, they have also expanded to men. For one thing, more men have started to take an interest in fashion. Some men are even anxious for new designs. Therefore, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have even done what they can to reach the market. One thing they have done was expand Fabletics to include a line for men.


Fashion and style is in a state of change. Athleisure is the sign of the type of growth that is needed in fashion. Even plus sized women are able to enjoy some of the styles that Fabletics offers. After all, everyone has a right to find something that is unique in which they like. This is part of the reason that fashion has become exciting for people to take part in. People will find a new and exciting self image with fashion.  Read more about Don Ressler via his CrunchBase page here: