Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg: Write an article about these entrepreneurs

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg both have a passion for the entrepreneurial life. It shows through their business experience and their drive to succeed. Their experience allowed them to be able to establish Techstyle Fashion Group, despite little experience in the fashion industry.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company when he was 15 years old. The company was an advertising platform for gaming websites and was named Gamers Alliance. It was acquired by Intermix Media in 1999. Goldenberg joined their organization after the acquisition. He eventually became the Vice President of Strategic Planning at the age of 20. This commitment forced him to drop out of high school.

Don Ressler took a similar path to join Intermix Media. He created his own company called, which was eventually acquired by Intermix Media in 2011. During his entrepreneurial endeavor with, Ressler also developed valuable skills in gathering investment capital for businesses. This experience would provide him with the confidence to launch Techstyle Fashion Group with Adam Goldenberg.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends while they worked at Intermix Media. This friendship would eventually lead to a business partnership. In 2006 the two business partners created an e-commerce company named Intelligent Beauty. They created other successful brands as well. Eventually, they began to develop an idea that would meet the consumer demand for trendy clothes and a system that eased the task of finding personalized fashion. This lead to the creation of Techstyle Fashion Group.

The first company created under the group was named JustFab. It’s a membership-based clothing company that specializes in providing personalized athletic clothes and accessories. JustFab also gives their clients the option to mix and match their clothing and accessories.

Techstyles headquarters reminds the visitor of a typical Silicon Valley headquarters, due to its use of bright colors open workspaces. It was given the description of where “Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley”. Despite being based in Silicon Valley, the fashion influence is obvious.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg want Techstyles to represent a company that is profitable and beneficial to the community. They’ve contributed to multiple charity events, such as contributing dresses to female high school students who may struggle to afford prom dresses. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg entrepreneurial journey have allowed them established an organization that’s not only innovative and profitable but impactful at the community level.