Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere, also known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, shares her love of all things rainbow and makeup through her cosmetics company LimeCrime. Her story of success is unconventional and shows others that they have the same opportunity to make their dreams a reality.


She was born in Russia and moved to the New York when she 17. Even at a young age, she was driven by her dreams. Her biggest dream was to become a musician in New York, which is exactly what she did. she met her husband through the band she played in and they became collaborators in marketing for the band.


She wasn’t exactly new to the world of entrepreneurs, as she had her first business at the age of 13. Her first business was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates and made them popular by showing that it was okay to wear them.


In a beige and natural world, it was hard for her to find bright, bold colors that she loved. So, in 2008 she became an entrepreneur when she created her cosmetic company LimeCrime. Her mission was to show women that makeup is a way to express themselves without the fear judgement and that this free expression leads to the freedom to be themselves. Learn more:


We use clothing, hairstyles and colors, and makeup to express ourselves everyday. That’s why LimeCrime’s mission is to revolutionize the way we shop for makeup and embracing the way it makes us feel. Makeup is a way to express ourselves unapologetically and helps us create looks that are as unique as our moods.


Beauty isn’t what others deem as natural or what society thinks looks good; it’s the way it we feel in the moment. Makeup isn’t used to hide imperfections, but used as a form of freedom and expression. This is the mission that Doe Deere had in mind when she created her company.


Makeup isn’t the only mission Doe Deere has, she’s an avid supporter of women owned business and entrepreneurs. Deere frequently speaks to other women entrepreneurs about finding their voice and following their ambition. She encourages them to embrace their weirdness and get in touch with who they are. This is where their full potential is reached.


Her advice to young women is to follow their hearts, because everyone has something special about them that they can share with the world. When you follow your heart and know who you are, that’s where the magic begins. Learn more: