Demand For Fashionable Sport gear Introduces Fabletics

The choice of athletic wear for women can be a challenging task especially when looking at two critical factors to base their decision on; fashion and cost-effectiveness. For quite some time, there has been a connecting link also between the style and functionality with no marketplace willing to find the long-term solution for the women’s athletic gear. The year that registered a high use of sports apparel was 2010, and this drew the attention of both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who decided to establish the Fabletics line with the goal of having sportswear that is conspicuously fashionable, useful and cheap.

The fashion-oriented line took advantage of the online portal which is their strategic business framework to provide the exact athletic wear which is at a lower price than what the contender is offering. Blending the business model with the co-founder Kate Hudson’s experience, enthusiasm for both media and communication is a plus for the company. Being the brand ambassador and notwithstanding, she is a force to reckon with when it comes to athletics wear styling, marketing and combining these exemplary traits with her friendliness and confidence. To better understand the shortcomings in the sportswear world and challenges rocking it, the first task that Fabletics undertook was to conduct product testing on the targeted groups. Their findings pointed out that most of the athletic wears available were exorbitantly priced, oversized, low quality and not appealing to the consumers.

Fabletics Cofounders also noted that branding had been a widespread concern and a limited number of the athletic wear chains were unable to reach out to particular customers with their merchandise. With the challenges mentioned above and their own financial concerns during the formative stages of the company’s establishment, one of the co-founder Don Ressler was able to penetrate through one of the biggest stumbling blocks of comfortable sportswear. Ressler was also committed and focused on upgrading the clothing wear of athletes to meet the criteria of comfort and excellent quality. He leveraged the previous experience he had in the clothing industry to achieve this breakthrough.

The company gained a competitive advantage over its competitors through its use of the online portal and its popularity to reach out to a wider consumer base. Customers enjoyed bonus points and also a reduced price in shipping services, athletic wear offered online through payment of a monthly subscription fee of 50 USD.

The customer choices and options are on the forefront to meet their expectations. Women all over are enjoying the gears feeling more comfortable and yet very fashionable. The company is expanding its reach to serve the plus-sized women with interest in improving their health status and not feel uncomfortable.