David Luther Giertz’s Success Story

When David Luther Giertz gives corporate advice, it is to everyone in the corporate World’s interest to look into it. Reason being that David has had quite the successful career as a financial advisor. His recent advice to his fellow financial advisors is that they should learn to speak with their clients on the matter of social security.

David Luther Giertz is a FINRA registered broker with more than three decades of experience as a financial advisor. He has an incredible academic background with an MBA from Miami University and a Bachelor of Science from The University of Millikin.

Giertz kick-started his career as a financial advisor and moved up to hold director positions and ultimately made it to president and vice president positions in various companies. His continued rise in ranks is attributed to his massive success in every position that he holds.

He got his first break in Citigroup where he worked as a financial advisor for a couple of years and rose in ranks within the company to become an executive vice president eventually. He later went on to work at Nationwide as regional president in the year 1999. This company was located in Miami where he schooled. Almost a decade later, David Giertz headed the Financial Institution Bank Channel.

During his time with FIBC, he helped improve the company’s revenue from 1.5 billion in dollars to a good 8 billion dollars. This was not the only time when he made such progress within an organization due to his brilliant performance and acumen. While he was working at Nationwide, he was also a huge asset in increasing the company’s revenue by 48%.

David Giertz performance is notorious for always surpassing industry expectations. His most recent venture has been working at Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Organization. Here, he put his best foot forward and worked even harder and did not deviate from his success trend. He also helped increase the company’s revenue from 11 billion dollars to 17.8 billion dollars. David attributes his success to his mum’s advice while in high school. She told him to work hard, be positive and learn something new every day. This is the advice that has motivated him all the way.

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