Examines the Three Weakest NBA Teams


Diehard fans are sure to keep tuning in when the home team’s games appear on television. Others may be willing to pay big money for tickets at center court. Not everyone who follows the NBA is interested in being a pure fan. As followers of the top news source for NBA odds,, realize, gamblers pick teams based on their ability to win. A host of NBA teams are not performing all that well this season. So far, there are three teams that have totally disappointed fans and gamblers alike. Can the teams turn their sad fortunes around? Anything is possible, but a pragmatic look at their current sorry state would indicate these teams are not likely to do much this season. As such, the basketball odds surrounding them do not indicate big wins are going to be all that common.


The Dallas Mavericks are being deemed the team with the least chance of success for this season. This might be ironic since Dallas’ NFL team, the Cowboys, are doing so awesome. The Mavericks started out with low expectations from oddsmakers. Those expectations have gotten incredibly worse. Odds of the team winning the championship are 600 – 1, not exactly an inspiring figure.


The Indiana Pacers are doing better than the Dallas Mavericks, but the Pacers are hardly proving to be impressive this season. The team is — at best — performing at a mediocre level. The team’s win/loss record does not exactly support intriguing NBA odds. Nor do the odds capable of attracting a lot of smart money. Mediocre performances have a tendency to attract equally mediocre enthusiasm. Who really gets hyped up for a “win some, lose some” team?


The Minnesota Timberwolves entered the season with low expectations. The first twenty games of the season saw the Timberwolves only walk away with six wins. The basketball odds on the team winning the championship are far from as bad as Dallas, but finding a person who thinks they have a realistic chance of winning would bee very difficult. Since feelings towards the team are lukewarm, it is doubtful anyone is going to check out and see much desire to wager on the team. is the premiere site for learning about placing wagers on the NBA, the NFL, and other sports. The commentary about odds appearing on the site is on the mark and worth taking seriously.