Consulting the Kabbalah Center for Clues to Enlightenment

Kabbalah Centers can be found all over the world making it easy for interested students to find the center closest to them and begin their studies. The first modern Kabbalah center was established in New York City, expanded to a center in Los Angeles, and can now be found in most major cities throughout the world.


Modern Kabbalah is founded in the roots of Judaism but is open to students of any religion, gender, or race. The modern teachings of Kabbalah are thought of as supplementation to existing religion as Kabbalah is thought to be more of a universal law that all religions are based off of. The study does not replace any specific religion, but supplements it as much as the student wishes to apply it to their religious practice and life.


Teachings of the Zohar traditionally were to help the Jewish people through and out of the exile, but in it’s modern teachings can help readers to gain wisdom into the meaning of their lives when they are feeling lost. Study of Kabbalah can help people to understand the astrological forces that effect their lives, and to help them understand their relation to the laws of nature and their relationships with others around them.


The Kabbalah teaches that 99% of reality can not be perceived with our 5 senses alone and that to reach our divine connection with God and light, the reduction of elimination of light blocking Klippot could be achieved by eschewing violence and immoral behavior.


The Kabbalah Center is a good place to start for anyone interested in learning more about it, and for anyone who seeks some spiritual enlightenment as a supplement to their own religion. Because it is open to all students and there are so many resources available, it could be a good beginning for anyone who is feeling lost, or who seeks to understand more about those binding forces that tie us together, the light of God, and living a more moral life that can lead to higher spiritual enlightenment.