Orthopedic surgery is performed on skeletons and muscles of the human body. Surgeons sometimes also use nonsurgical ways to handle orthopedic issues. Out of all the orthopedic procedures available, there are some that seem familiar, they include;


The complete replacement of the shoulder


This process helps individuals’ getter better after o period. This is despite it sounding painful. There is a complete reduction of pain in the joints that they use regularly that includes the shoulder. The surgeons either use metal or plastic to replace damaged bones and cartilages.


Spinal cord surgery


Most people seek help for their spines due to back pains that are an obstacle to their lives going smooth. After the surgery, the pain is drastically reduced; the rate of activity increases and the overall productivity of that person improve. Spine fusion happens to be the most common surgery done. Spinal bones called vertebrae are joined and prevent the movement between bones and stop the stretching of the nerves.


Entire replacement of the joints


The patients who undergo this type of surgery are the ones that previously had arthritis. Surgeons do a thorough analysis to the damaged joints which sometimes are located deep inside the body. The normal functions of the knee are restored by replacing the broken joints with either metal or plastic.


Dr. Gregory Finch


Dr. Greg Finch practiced for two years with well-known surgeons in the US, the UK, and Germany. This was after he got his FRANCS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons). This is a prestigious attainment given to the doctors that have undergone some rigorous training for several years focusing on spine surgery.


Dr. Greg Finch currently works at the Sunshine Coast Hospital Health Service besides working at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) a spine community in North America. Dr. Greg Finch mainly deals with Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and the replacing the discs.