Chris Burch Discusses the Founding of His New Company

Chris Burch has recently participated in an interview where he discussed the launch of his new investment company, Burch Creative Capital. During his interview, the businessman explained the concept of Birch Creative Capital and how it was different than other venture capital companies. He also expressed his enthusiasm about working with new companies and individuals to develop global brands and explained the process he uses to determine whether or not to work with a start up. The businessman discussed the likelihood that he will return to a career of fashion design and ended the interview by inviting the general public to watch Birch Creative Capital’s new advertisement on social media platforms.


Birch Creative Capital’s Original Concept

Chris Burch stated that he was extremely excited about the concept of Birch Creative Capital and believed that it was a truly distinctive concept in the venture capital industry. Birch described his background as one that was steeped with hard work and discipline because his father taught him to work in construction at the age of thirteen. The businessman also revealed that he struggled through school because of his multiple learning disabilities. Through his trials, he developed the ability to look beyond difficult circumstances and see potential in any situation. Birch believes his background granted him the ability to focus on multiple aspects of business at one time and is largely responsible for his current success. The businessman developed the concept for Birch Creative Capital from his unique experiences in the business arena. Birch Creative Capital is a venture capital company that seeks to invest in individuals as well as companies. Chris Birch believes that his company should invest in the emotional, physical, and business health of the individuals who choose to work with his company. The businessman hopes to create a new culture of venture capitalism that caters to the changing breed of entrepreneurs in a swiftly changing country.


New Companies and Individuals Included in Business Platform

During his interview, Chris Birch announced his excitement to work with a few notable companies and individuals. Ellen Degeneres, for example, is set to release a line of household goods with the help of Birch Creative Capital. The line is expected to be insightful and innovative. Chris Burch briefly discussed his future plans with reporters at the close of the interview. The businessman stated that he planned to work in the venture capital industry for as long as he had the ability to do so.