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Michael Terpin successful career as Brazilian rally driver

For the lovers of racing in Brazil, the name Michael Terpin is not something new because he is one of the most celebrated Brazilian rally drivers. In fact, Michael has a brother, Rodrigo, whom they race together. They have formed a terrific duo. At the age of 40, Michael still shines in the racing games all over Brazil.

With a quick glance at his background, Michael comes from a family that loves sports. His father Jack Terkin was a successful basketball player, and as we mentioned earlier, Michael has a brother who also happens to be a rally driver. Right from when he was young, Michael was thrilled by racing cars, and now we know why.

Michael Terkin started his career in racing as a motorcycle racer back in 2002. Now, he has over 15 years in the racing industry. He mostly competes in the Prototypes T1 category.

He is a member of Bull Sertoes rally team and together with his brother and navigator Justo; they have rocked most of the racing events all over Brazil including Mitsubishi cup, Brazillian cross-country rally championship, as well as Sertoes rally.

They are well-known for their racing car T-Rex manufactured by MEM motorsport. The car is fitted with a V8 engine, making it durable and extremely fast.

His driving skills have won him various accolades and recognition. He was a runner-up in Cross Country Rally back in the year 2015.

Michael is making his 10th appearance in Sertoes Rally this year aboard his T-Rex car with his navigator Justo. And together, they have conquered all the odds of racing and earned their respect in the eyes of their fellow racers and fans. In most of their races, the duo comes among the top fastest racers.

Michael Terpins has both determination and will to go on even when the odds seem to be against him. The two traits are necessary for not only the racers but also those who are working in other fields. Perhaps this reason why Michael is the darling to Brazilians.

For more information, you can visit his social accounts to get updated on his next racing events. His Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are under the name Michael Terkin.