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How Women Can Excel in Business; An Example by Susan McGalla

There is a flood of information for women who want to become successful in their careers. But most women find the information that is available to them as being too generic and pandering. Susan P. McGalla is the founder and president of the P3 Consulting, LLC. She is an expert in talent management, branding, marketing, operational management and much more. As a professional, she has been giving views on how to get a lady in business gets too many audiences.

According to her, she has analyzed most of her clients and came up with what most of these ladies wanted. All that successful women want to advance in their career is a practical and authentic information that can be easily implemented. These are signs of evolution which are very encouraging.

Susan is the last born among her other two siblings. Her father was a football coach who didn’t show any favor to her just because she was the only girl in the family. She sees this is an advantage and opportunity that taught her always to present her views irrespective of the audience. In her family, she says that her gender or any other sex was neither considered as a hindrance nor was it seen as helpful.

Susan says that the lessons that she learned during her formative years have helped her shape her life. After her education, she joined the American Eagle Company. At this time there was no lady at the executive or senior management position. But, thanks to her efforts and success rate, she was able to climb the ladder to a management position. She sees her ascension to a role of responsibility as a stride in the environment that is mostly male dominated. It represented a possibility of change that women too can be trusted with leadership positions and deliver results. She rose to become a president in one of the company Outfitters.

Since the experience at American Eagle Company, Susan has taken charge of her career. She now deals with clients who come to her firm seeking financial assistance, especially in the retail industry. Through determination, she has been able to create autonomy in her work. She argues that one of her success points is doing what she enjoys. Her advice to the ladies is to focus on their goals and dreams rather than focusing on their feminine gender. She hopes that more girls will be willing to take the same attitude and approach for the sake of their careers.


Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Women Business Executives Based in Ohio

Susan McGalla has played a very vital role in the success of two of the most prominent consumer products companies in the United States, American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla served as the President at American Eagle Outfitters Inc and was the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Under her leadership, both these firms were able to achieve tremendous success and were also able to enhance their image among the target audience through the many marketing techniques implemented by Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is also on the board of directors of Allegheny Conference on Community Development and HFF Inc. Due to her numerous accomplishments in the field of branding and marketing, she is often consulted by various companies and top executives in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is also the founder of one of the most successful branding and marketing firms in the United States, P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

One of the topics that Susan McGalla is very sensitive about is women empowerment, and for which, she often speaks about as well. In an interview she gave recently, Susan McGalla was seen giving a few tips on what the women should do to plan and advance their career to achieve guaranteed success in the future. One of the first advice she gave in this regard was for the women to focus on education and make it their top priority.

Susan McGalla says that it is essential for anyone and not only women to focus on education as that would guarantee a good position in the corporate world. She said it is also important for the women to get good grades, and pursue higher education as well. To fund higher education, women must start saving early, so that there are no financial hassles later on that can potentially jeopardize entire career.

Susan McGalla also talked about how women must build a good support system in the workplace of friends and colleagues, who would help women, stay emotionally charged and strong during tough times. She says that following these tips would help women achieve their dreams of making it big in the corporate sector.

Sweetgreen Restaurants Offering Health Quality Foods

Sweetgreen is a renowned restaurant. Sweetgreen started from a humble beginning, and it has so far grown a great deal. Nathaniel Ru who is a co-founder said that he wants Sweetgreen to be a renowned brand in the market, being recognizable and also outstanding. The aim of Sweetgreen is to offer quality health foods to people at an affordable price.

Sweetgreen foods were founded by three co-founders who happened to be classmates at Georgetown University. The trio hatched the idea that a lot of people needed quality food which tastes great and it is healthy, and thus they began Sweetgreen.

The three co-founders have integrated technology into their business with approximately 30 percent of their transaction being done through their mobile app which is found free on App Store, or by using their website platform.

Sweetgreen uses a unique strategy to get close to its customers. One of the ways it uses is through closing its corporate office at least five times a year so that everyone can work in their restaurants.

Fortune reveals that Sweetgreen recently opened offices in the city of Los Angeles, and it operates without a main headquarter.

The co-founders aim at decentralizing services of Sweetgreen and growing it nationally. The three co-founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet, had taken an entrepreneurship class back in college, Georgetown University. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Coincidentally the trio has immigrant parents who have started and grown their businesses. After completion of their course, they implemented their idea of starting a healthy eating restaurant around Georgetown University since there wasn’t any at that period.

The trio raised their initial start-up which was 375,000 United States Dollars from investors and other from their parents. Their first restaurant was opened in August back in the year 2007, but it has grown largely opening more and more outlets.

In October 2016, it is important to note that the company had opened over 60 stores which were fully operational across the United States in many states which include Massachusetts, New York, California, Illinois, and Maryland. Other locations include Pennsylvania, Virginia, and also at the District of Columbia where they have grown and spread its business.

Their first business setback was during vacations because of most of their customers who were mainly students had gone home, though they survived this and thus they knew their business was going to make it.

Nathaniel Ru who is one of the co-founders is a focused and determined person. His entrepreneurship skills have greatly helped grow their business. Nathaniel Ru was born back on May 3, 1985, and he is currently 32 years.

Susan McGalla- Philly Purge and Beyond


The few women to have achieved unmatched levels of fame and status, particularly within larger corporate organizations, has only grown more stunning by the minute. It seems that, less and less women, have made it to the top. It only becomes more difficult for one to stick it out to the end, especially considering that women are not as internally driven and perseverant – as well as business-minded – as men. This is the larger consensus among the U.S. population, and it continues to hold so for a valid and simple reason: Women are not designed the same way as men, and that’s a proven and unarguable fact.

Though both genders hold their pros and cons in each lifetime, things generally do not change too much. Thus, the women who have managed to permanently succeed at the executive level are held in high regards, and Susan McGalla is one such exceptional individual who has proven herself time and again. She has what it takes to not only lead a business but to drive it forward at faster rates than hoped for, always keeping the company vision and core values in the back of her head.

Modern women’s support networks and similar initiatives have recently worked harder than ever to make a difference in this trend, trying to undo the way that God originally designed each gender to function but to no avail. History has repeated itself for a reason: What is, is, and it is not easy to make a camel drink water though you can take it to the edge of the river; the same holds true here. The primal difference between Susan McGalla and other women like here is simply this: She realizes this fact.

Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla’s a top U.S. entrepreneur. She’s a woman of serious business. She knows how to work and how to play.

Susan McGalla is a board member for HFF. She is far more than that, however. Her brilliant mind and thoughtful heart have allowed her multiple other positions of status over her many years of business.

Why Susan McGalla Is Not Your Typical Woman

Susan McGalla has quite a unique background and personality that people who’ve come to know her admire. She’s had a highly successful career as a female executive and creative marketing entrepreneur, but she has a very rugged personality from being raised in a small town in eastern Ohio and growing up the daughter of a football coach. In fact she loves discussing sports and talking about things outside of business, but most of all she’s passionate about people and mentoring young women. She’s also given tips to mothers both single and married about how to balance their time with children with taking care of their own needs.

Susan McGalla became one of the first female presidents of a fashion company when she was elected to that position in 2003 at American Eagle Outfitters. But the way she describes that achievement is as something she’s accomplished as a person and not a woman. And it’s because she always believed a person’s accomplishments have no gender attached to them and that there really is no “glass ceiling” to break. In fact, when she was being nominated for a female executive award the reporters who asked her about the accomplishment were shocked by her answer. But McGalla has so much to be proud of over her 30-year career.

After growing up in the small town of East Liverpool, OH and completing studies at Mt Union College, McGalla started out with the Joseph Horne Company. She worked there for 8 years until moving into the regional merchandising department of American Eagle. She became highly adept as the merchandising officer that she was eventually promoted to executive Chief Merchandising Officer and company President. American Eagle saw great sales increases thanks to McGalla’s vision, and a new rollout in female apparel. She left American Eagle in 2009 and started various consulting companies including HFF and P3 Executive Consulting, and on the side she’s also the Vice President of Business Strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Greg Secker: a man without limits

Greg Secker is a 42-year-old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker. He is widely considered an expert trader and displays a fiery passion for teaching others.

Down to Earth and Insightful

In an interview posted on Inspirery, Secker laid out his views on his success and things that drive him. “ I’m not a guy that asks why, but why not?” A quote that has become largely associated with Secker and efficiently defines him and the message he presents to others. During the interview, he was asked what inspired him to start his business? Quite often the answer from self-made millionaires and billionaires centers more around an opportunity in a specific market. Secker’s answer seems more motivated by his passion for teaching others.”I notice a lot of people struggled to begin trading with ease.”Secker would then go on to outline some of the issues that hold back the average person such as not having access to education or being required to take high risks to begin trading.

During the interview, Secker answered various questions about what makes him successful or about his personal motivations. The reoccurring themes that seem always come up from Secker’s answers are other people, friends, family or people just trying to obtain the knowledge he has to convey in order to improve their own life. His philanthropist soul appears to radiate into everything he does.

Secker’s Meteoric Rise

Greg Secker started out working for Thomas Cook financial services. His drive and insight had made him a multimillionaire by his mid-twenties. He had wild success running VTD Virtual Trading Desk; VTD was the first online real-time trading forex. He began working from home at 27 years old and has ever since. Secker does maintain an array of offices all over the that include Johannesburg, Sydney, London, and Capetown. Secker has branched out as an international speaker that is regularly contacted by CNBC and Bloomberg. At this point, Secker has spoken to tens of thousands of people who have attended his seminars and workshops.

Secker has an undying passion for teaching others; let us hope he finds students equally as eager to absorb his vast knowledge.

New Additions to Twitter and Facebook Aplenty


Social media business is an aspect of the world’s most popular digital trade that few consumers think about. Changes made to the functioning of Facebook based on new implementations from other companies is a way in which Facebook stays ahead of other social media sites. Facebook has recently brought a new intermission screen that I agree with it because it has a variety of news sources for a well-rounded opinion on the news. Not succumbing to either being on one political side or the other on Facebook, unlike how many others want Facebook to be: full of one side of arguments they agree with.


Apple TV on Twitter has equipped itself with live video chat, a 360-degree view, and a global map presented by Periscope. Apple TV facilitates the transfer of live, big time videos to TV screens in the house. This new collaboration between Facebook and Apple is almost certain to bring more attention to Facebook with its new high quality video streaming options.


Facebook recently, unwillingly, let out content moderation rules that are not considered nice by many who have read them. Facebook certainly needs to get a grip on its content management protocol. This is a bad business move for Facebook because they failed to keep their important information on lock down like any other business with half a brain would do.


Avaaz is Giving People a Voice

Avaaz is all about giving a voice back to the people-where it belongs. Avazz means “voice” in many Asian, Middle Eastern, and European languages and was launched in 2007. The mission of Avaaz is to organize citizens of all the nations of the world in order to help close the gap between the world we have and the world we truly want.

Avaaz is empowering citizens from every walk of life to take action against national, global, and regional issues including poverty, corruption, and climate change. Avazz follows a model of organization and they are making it possible for thousands of people to combine their efforts in order to fight the injustices of the world.

Avaaz has a community that served in 15 different languages and has a team on six different continents. Avaaz uses the tools of petitions, media campaigns, protests, lobbying governments, and calling, to name a few, to make a difference in the world. The work of Avaaz is helping to ensure that the views of the average citizen is being heard and will have an effect on the decisions that are made that inevitably will affect us all.

Avaaz was co-founded by the Res Publica and It was supported by Service Employees International Union, who was a founding partner. Ricken Patal is the founding president of Avaaz and he also worked for the International Crisis Group where he gained many skills, such as how to negotiate.

Avazz relies on the generosity of its members to keep going and has raised over $20 million so far. Avazz wants to unite all of the idealists of the world in order to make it a better place and will continue to achieve its goals. Avaaz supports causes that are considered to be progressive and is building global support.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Avaaz Is Committed To Advocate for Human and Animal Rights

Avaaz’s new Community platform handles petitions and motivates thousands of its members to begin and win campaigns, at the neighborhood, national, and universal levels. With 30 million individuals, Avaaz is an association with aspirations to save every one of us through innovation. Avaaz’s sudden growth is only one factor of what makes it completely not at all like customary foundations or campaigning associations. Everybody is all over and everybody is moving constantly. The association has staff in 30 to 40 nations. Avaaz is both worldwide and globalized and in the event that it starts a campaign, it tosses its assets at it and a lump of its $12m spending plan a year, all given from people and there’s a reasonable shot to make the impact.
Before launching Avaaz, the founder of the organization Mr Patel had operated in war-torn nations, for example, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Sudan and operated with the International Crisis Group, including the US political activity group, MoveOn. Avaaz’s general needs are set through surveys of its 13 million individuals, while ideas of campaign are surveyed and polled week after week through 10,000 samples from members, before being displayed to the broad community.
Avaaz says it is accountable and independent in light of the fact that since 2009 it has been entirely been member-financed. A start-up finances, raised from different establishments allegedly they had already secured Avaaz’s staff compensations, campaign costs and office rental. The group utilizes a wide assortment of strategies in its campaigns, incorporating grouping petitions with thousands or even millions of signatures – organizing phone-ins, demonstrations, advertising and fundraising. The organization says that its achievements range from maintaining the EU prohibition on GM items, circumventing the ban of Burmese government on world help following Cyclone Nargis by storing $2m (£1.25m) to help in relief functions planned by monks.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Cassio Audi: The Investment Manager of Brazil

Cassio Audi is a highly accomplished man with experience in many business field of study. He has over 23 years of experience dealing with financial related businesses. He is a financial advisor for public and private companies and multi-billion organizations. He also is an expert in accounting, management, and growth development. He accomplished his college courses through the University of Pontificia Universidade with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and he also holds a MBA in Finance. His career began in 1992 with JP Morgan Chase. In 1996, he joined Dow Chemical with the title of Senior Financial Analyst.

Cassio Audi serves as a prime candidate for working effortlessly to improve the economy and growth of Brazil. Over the years, Brazil has been experience slow growth and a weak economy. New investors and financial officers are needed for advice on the best investments to increase their profits. Business men, like Cassio Audio, are using their tactics and skills to help improve the economy of Brazil, while trying to attract more investors. Cassio Audi portrays many skills in leadership, communication, and personal skills in order to accomplish Brazil’s Investment Management systems.

The Brazilian Investment Management is set up as an asset management for securities such as bonds, shares, and real estate. These securities will meet investment goals for the advantages of the investors. The investors include pension funds, insurance companies, charities, and educational establishments. The Brazilian Investment Management services are constantly keeping a watch on the investments and have business investment managers to assist any business. Cassio Audi works within the investments, making certain to manage securities for each client. His dedication, loyal service, and financial planning is the main reason why he is such a prominent figure in the progress of the Brazilian Investment market.