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Wild Ark Highlights the Importance of Ecotourism

Every year, thousands of people flock to destinations all over the planet hoping to view nature’s beauty. Perhaps they will catch a glimpse of local wildlife, or see the stars in the unsullied night sky. Unfortunately more tourism often means more garbage, more consumption, and more fossil fuel usage in these destinations. Tourism has even led to damage and destruction of some of the world’s most precious places. Yellowstone National Park is one location that has seen a great deal of tourist damage. The famous Morning Glory pool has changed colors due to people throwing trash into it. That is not the only damage that has been done. For decades, people have used many of the park’s geysers as trash cans.


In response to this trend, environmentally conscious people have started dabbling in ecotourism, a type of travel that focuses on leaving the smallest human imprint possible while still enjoying the wonders of the world. Destinations that have suffered climate change and landmark destruction hope to reverse the damage by offering more environmentally conscious tourism options. Today, tourists can take advantage of sustainable accommodations and ecotourism excursions in The Galapagos Islands, Kenya, and even the Amazon Rainforest.


If you are interested in learning about more sustainable tourism options, one organization to follow is Wild Ark. Founded in 2016 by conservationists Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, the company hopes to allow people to connect with nature while simultaneously preserving it. Their team is comprised of people who share the Hutchinson’s love of the environment and deep desire to protect it. Learn more:


Their website offers information on Wild Ark Adventures, handpicked tourism options that are focused on sustainability, ecotourism, or education. Currently, there are offerings listed in Alaska, South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya. Check out the journal section on Wild Ark’s website for advice on finding nature in cities.


Engaging in conservation and eco-conscious tourism is vital to protecting our planet’s biodiversity. Wild Ark brings together the ability to enjoy nature and the importance of sustainability. They are the future of world tourism.