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New Forms for a New Future

Talk Fusion is an email based video chat interface that is new and pretty impressive, especially when you consider what source it relies upon. Email is still used extensively by businesses as a form of communication between colleagues and those who are in management. Using Talk Fusion is an excellent solution to forming ways to communicate through meetings and other sorts of team building exercises. It’s an excellent tool for businesses to use, but also for people to use outside of the workplace as well. Instead of just emailing somebody you can use the Talk Fusion interface and put a face to the text if you need to. Bob Reina, the CEO, and founder of the company that holds the same name as this wonderful product created Talk Fusion as a way to promote market advertising in an entertaining fashion.


One of the more interesting aspects of Talk Fusion is the ability to earn money while you talk with others. Every minute that you use on the video chat interface is logged into the Talk Fusion network, and you are able to earn money through the monetization of your time and energy. You do have to pay an annual charge to use the services, but when you consider all the benefits that it provides, and the ability to earn money as you talk, there really is no downside. Talk Fusion has successfully merged an old system of communication in the form of an email with a new and impressive appearance and mode. Instead of communicating through text people now have the option to write a formal piece of writing but chat with the person they are writing it to in real time, face-to-face. This makes boring work emails exciting and fun to create and helps to remove the monotony of the humdrum of office building work. Learn more: