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10 Secrets to Instagram Millions

The first step to success is always setting a clear goal in business. For this reason, you can engage in marketing your goal to have the best attention in social media. If you are not dedicated to companies and strategies, you cannot have a clear goal. Some of the top social media profiles started by the desire to be famous. For those who are the top followers of the high-end media profiles, they have seen them succeed at what they do and much more.


Let’s look at some of the top tips that have been followed by the top media entities. For this reason, you can emulate to have your profile elevated in Instagram and other social media platforms.


  1. Recognize an opportunity

Social media started by accident. For this reason, you must see what makes you better in business and capabilities. Some people start social media through doing simple photographs that get an adoption on a massive scale. This is because they chose to post what people want to see. Moreover, concentrate on what will make them happy.


  1. Work by Planning

For some, they have always concentrated in hiring the most experienced people in their social media circle. Some travel to far places to seek the best photographer services. Ensure you are at the best place.


  1. Learn for other people

You can use this point to enrich your potential. If other people follow others to be followed, you can also do that to get more followers. This is the best way to achieve success.



Entrepreneurs, Beware This Terrible Way of Networking on Social Media

A new trend is on the watch out in all social media platforms. You might get a friend request from someone you have no idea about your business. In the end, you realize that that person is connected to other people who might be interested in your products and services. Shortly after sending you a friend request, they tell you what they want through a short message or email.


Every day you will get these friend requests as an entrepreneur. The first thing they want is to have you write them a list of what you do or offer in the business platform. They also want to know more information about your company or business. In short, they want to book a consultation or speaking gigs. In the end, they only want to know what can benefit them. They want to get it right in the end. When it comes to networking, you must understand some things.


Lead with Value

For you to be a better leader, you must focus on what you want. Networking is right for those who seek to benefit from you. If they see no value in you, they will throw you up. For you to make good use of your time, ensure you have a wide range or articles or links to your website that you will send them to have their questions answered. You must not engage in taking phone calls from them before sending them a link of what can answer their questions. After that, you can engage in calls.

Laws of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of social media marketing and the power of content can offer the necessary assistance to help you have your business elevated towards achieving the optimum customer base and audience base in a dramatic manner. However, it can be very daunting to start this survey without the necessary experience.


For you to succeed, you must first understand the necessities in social media marketing. You must also strive to increase your online entry points and maximizing quality. Moreover, you will have your customers served by building these foundations. You and your brand will benefit greatly through social media marketing.


  1. The Law of Listening

Success with content marketing and social media requires less speaking and more listening. Your online content will be read and listened to by the awareness capability. You must also join brand discussions and attain their insight. Be sure to know what people thing about you and your business.


  1. The Focus Law

For you to succeed, you must specialize in few products. For this reason, clients will ascertain that your business is ideal. A highly-focused content marketing and social media strategy to develop the most sophisticated brand.


  1. The Quality Law

It’s better to have quality than quantity. Most people prefer quality to quantity. It is better to have more than 1,000 online connections that talk and share your content. Ensure you also connect to all those who disappear after connecting with you for the first time. Business in Social Media is also a great benefit to most.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Matched Audiences

LinkedIn has introduced numerous sets of capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, you will get a unique capability to unite the power of profession in LinkedIn with the information provided in the platform. While you are equipped with the most impending audience, members will also engage in audiences, prospects, and key accounts. For this reason, it will offer the best solution to your business and capacities. Some of these LinkedIn capabilities include Contact Targeting that allows you to engage in numerous prospects on your list.


The next best strategy developed by LinkedIn was the Website Targeting that allows you to market your businesses in online campaigns. They have also reached the ultimate way to make decisions through the Account Targeting capability by LinkedIn. Facebook has also developed numerous wording that allows you to experience their ultimate capability in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company is also claiming ads that are targeted towards the adoption of marketing strategies in the business. The company is also working towards gaining better business through channeling the money gained from the adverts in the social media platform.


In addition to the rightful manner of claiming the revenue generated from special ads in social media, content owners will also set the rules to infringe uploads and views through their ads. Matched views can also be allowed by the content owners concerning their business revenue. These updates will be rolled down to the management team at LinkedIn.



Social Media Engagement Is What Makes Businesses Want To Use The Sites

Social media is not just a place for individuals but also for the businesses that so many of us enjoy and benefit from. Those businesses go on social media in order to find a broader audience for its products and try to encourage us to check them out. They may also have a little fun on their profiles in order to encourage greater engagement.


Business Insider detailed some of the statistics about social media in a recent article. They talk about not just the raw numbers of how many people are using the various websites but also the fact that so much Internet time in general is used on social media. As it turns out, about 20% of all Internet time spent by Americans goes to social media these days, 14% of that is Facebook alone.


Obviously, if we are all spending that much time on social media we must really care about what is happening there. It is also a big amount of time that is used in a given day and therefore a place where companies need to be spending some time as well.


Engagement is the most common on some social media websites and not as common on others. Facebook remains the king of both the number of users as well as the engagement of those users. Snapchat does not have as many users as some other social media websites, but it turns out that the engagement levels on Snapchat are very high as well.


The way that a social media site works over time changes. People are posting fewer statuses on Facebook these days, but they are consuming more news and videos than they ever were in the past. Companies have to be aware of these changes and try to adapt to them as best as possible for the best results. They can make gains in user engagement if they just work with the way that people are using the site. If they are to make a move on Facebook these days it should probably be more video or news related.


These are the types of things that are shaping the corporate social media landscape today. What tomorrow brings is up to the social media users both individuals and corporate accounts.


The Price is Right Kicks Off Socially Awesome Week

Most everyone knows how long the Price is Right has been on the air. If you aren’t aware, the Price is Right is very popular in America. As a matter of fact, the Price is Right is the longest-running television game show in existence. Eventually, every television show needs to change up a tired formula. Throughout this week, the Price is Right will be featuring personalities from the world of social media. This specially themed week will be known as Socially Awesome Week.


The producers of the Price is Right have previously stated that they love social media. This special week of the long-running game show will also feature social media related games and prizes. You might even find a few social media superstars appearing in the showcase presentations. People from all aspects of social media will be appearing on this Socially Awesome Week of the Price is Right. One cool feature is Thursday’s episode will be a direct recreation of a set from the year 1983. It remains to be seen if the Price is Right host Drew Carey will be dressing up this week.


Monday’s episode featured notable social media personality, Jake Paul. Paul was featured in the prize presentation and did a great job. In addition, Paul was even allowed to post from official social media accounts of the Price is Right. Viewers will need to tune in throughout the rest of the week to find out which other social media stars will make an appearance. If the future episodes were anything like today, expect to have a great hour of fun every day.


One reason for this specially themed Socially Awesome Week was that producers want their show to stay current. I don’t know how much more popular this week will make the Price is Right. However, it is always cool to see producers willing to try different ideas. Adding big names from the world of social media on this show is a big move. Social media has established itself as a popular aspect of prominence in the modern world.


You Need To Quit Social Media For The Sake Of Your Career

It may sound a little dramatic in today’s world to quit social media for the sake of your career, but that is exactly what some people are stepping up to do. They decide that it is better that they give up the tweeting in order to focus in better on the work that the are doing.


The idea of quitting social media runs in the face of common wisdom in today’s world says Cal Newport of the New York Times. Despite this feeling by many in the public, there may actually be a lot of value to putting down the smartphone and focusing on what you are supposed to be doing.


A lot of those who advocate for social media as part of your career say that it is a great way to get your ideas out there. That could be true, but it is far from the only way to do this. They also say that new and original ideas can spring up from social media. Once again this is true, but it is not the whole story.


The problem with social media is how much of one’s attention it demands. Every retweet, favorite, message, or other interaction on social media cries out to be responded to. It is very difficult to ignore these notifications, and many of us put aside other things that we are working on in order to pay attention to that ever present social media feed. Instead of using it as a tool, we start to surrender much of our time and creative spirit to these websites.


While many of us talk about the power of social media to generate new ideas or career opportunities, we often ignore the fact that we don’t always use it this way. If we were perfectly rational and effective users of social media then it might be a great source for good in our careers, but that is simply not often the case. We use it for looking at funny statuses and pictures of our friends and family. We can dilute ourselves into thinking we will only use it for work, but if we are honest with ourselves we know that is not the case.


Social Media Tools Entrepreneurs Need to Use Every Day

The advent of social media has been the biggest breakthrough in human history. What started as an avenue for individuals to connect with one another has evolved into a platform where businesses can market their services and products to lots of people. Today, big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become mainstays in almost all marketing strategies.


However, using social media to market your brand can be challenging without the proper resources. Whether you want to manage campaigns, reach out to influential users, respond to consumers and make connections or analyze your social media impact, incorporating these tools into your social media efforts can help you succeed.


  1. Social Jukebox


Entrepreneurs are always busy growing their ventures. Scheduling social media posts is among the aspects that keep them extra busy since they have to provide their clients with fresh content all the time. However, this does not have to be a demanding task since Jukebox is here to liberate you from the drudgery.


Social Jukebox is an automated social media software that enables you to load content in a “Jukebox” and schedule how often and when you want the posts to be placed on your social media accounts. With each Jukebox, you can store many posts and schedule the tool to post them at different times of the day.


  1. Sprout Social


Sprout Social provides its clients with social media management, social customer service, and social media marketing. It builds and maintains its clients’ social media platforms by starting, monitoring and joining in social conversations. Also, it can reach your audience to execute social marketing plans.


  1. Mention


Coming up with a perfect post that results in high levels of engagement is among the most difficult tasks in social media marketing. It is, therefore, crucial to conduct research on social media platforms before you start posting. This involves lots of listening to what consumers are talking about then strategically transforming the conversations into relevant content.


Mention is an excellent social media monitoring tool that allows you to track every aspect of your company, industry, campaigns and competitors as a whole. It delivers real-time alerts by email or push notifications. Also, the tool allows you to identify and manage crisis before they get out of hands, automatically generate reports to share with colleagues and clients and helps you find new influencers.


These are only some of the tools that can help grow your social media presence. However, it is important that you stay updated with the latest tools since what works today may not do wonders n future.

Virtual Reality Could Change the Social Network Game

In 2017, marketers are looking at several trends in social media that will shift the way consumers interact with platforms. Some of the biggest trends include the rise of chat apps; the explosion of live video; and the role of fake news in consumer trust. But the most exciting potential trend of 2017 is the increased adoption of augmented and virtual reality.


Augmented reality, which refers to the ability to add elements of fantasy to the real world in various applications, has already been adopted on a large scale. The most famous examples are Pokemon Go, which allowed players to search for imaginary creatures in the real world; and Snapchat, which offers popular filters allowing users to alter their appearance in radical ways.


Given that the rate of technological advancement is increasing exponentially, it makes sense that many think virtual reality is not far behind. But what does VR mean in the context of social networks?


Well, it could end up altering the landscape of social platforms in a major way. Facebook has maintained its edge as the world’s biggest social network by constantly innovating and investing. But despite trying to stay ahead of the curve in VR, Facebook’s investment in the space has recently been described as a “fiasco.” Also, developing a true VR feature could fundamentally change the way users interact with each other and other features.


Because of this friction between traditional platforms and true VR, there may be an opportunity to create a new space for social that is based on VR rather than trying to shoehorn it in. Snapchat has essentially done this for augmented reality. VR networks are beginning to emerge, led by vTime, which is accessible for Samsung Gear and Oculus devices. vTime allows meetings between family, friends and strangers in virtual locations around the world.


Overall, VR headset sales are still low and some believe it’s not going mainstream anytime soon. But marketers are still keeping an eye on the social media effect – and Facebook is certainly scrambling to make up lost ground.


Trump Demand NBC News Report Fake News

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, President Donald Trump returned to the social media platform Twitter to yet again publicly blast a news media outlet for reporting real news over fake news. This time, NBC News was given the president’s full attention with an 8:43 a.m. tweet where he asked why one of the nation’s news sources was so focused on the recent story about ties between the Trump Administration and Russia instead of his story about the Obama Administration wiretapping Trump Tower. Twitter users were quick to point out that this tweet proves that the the president still believes, or at least wants others to believe, a tall tale that FBI Director James Comey confirmed recently is not in any way true: The Obama Administration was not found to be actively wiretapping Trump Tower.


From a business perspective, tweets like these can have a huge impact on the people and companies involved, but not perhaps in the way that Trump hopes. For example, Trump has repeatedly tried to say that “The New York Times” was losing subscribers for spreading fake news. These statements are also untrue. The NYT claims that Trump’s repeated talking about the newspaper resulted in an uptick in subscribers. Experts believe that NBC News will receive similar benefits in the form of more viewers and higher ratings. In light of recent revelations about the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia and confirmation of those revelations by trusted intelligence analysts, Trump’s tweets actually reinforce in the minds of many people the news outlets are trying to get to the truth and the pass it to the public.


That said, one expert, Clint Watts, pointed out to the Senate Intelligence Committee this past week that uninformed Trump followers might believe what he called “Russian active measures” performed perhaps unintentionally by President Trump. The Russian government has historically tried to destabilize Western governments. In business and politics, fake news can do this in different ways. For example, if Trump tweets negatively about a specific company or person, his supporters might pull their business interests away from that company or individual.