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Tips for using social media to advertise your business

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. Because of this, they can be a great way to reach target customers and increase sales. While advertising on social media can be great for your business, it can be a complicated process. A recent news article was unveiled that provides a business owner with a few different tips and suggestions when it comes to advertising on social media (


One tip to using social media advertising to your benefit is to focus your advertising campaign on your lower cost products or services. When seeing a lot of different advertisements on their social media feed, a consumer will easily notice a great deal. While you could have better and more expensive services to provide, you should focus on getting a new customer in the door with the lower cost option. You can then later sell them up to the higher level services.


Another tip for advertising on social media is to be on as many social media sites as possible. While Facebook and Twitter may be the two largest, there are other social media sites as well. Most advertisers recommend that you advertise on at least seven different websites. When you do choose to advertise on more website, it is important to Kurt tail your advertisement accordingly. Certain social media platforms target different groups of customers. While all these people could be potential customers for you, they may be more attracted to a certain kind of advertising campaign.

Happenings in Social Media’s Business Side in May 2017


Social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp a few years ago, having their conversational tools assist those of Facebook users on Messenger. The deal was worth about $19 billion three years ago as of the acquisition’s date. Facebook has now been fined for misleading financial information provided three years ago in formal negotiations for the acquisition.


The fine, although paltry at best to the giant Facebook is, totaled $122 million. Facebook was charged this sum in Europe because of a violation of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions in relation to privacy rights of users. Despite this serious, negative ruling, Facebook will likely not experience any shortcomings and be right be as the world’s number one social media site.


Many companies consider being acquired by other, larger companies because of the potentially tremendous payouts they may receive. Owners of WhatsApp will likely never have to work again after what they were paid in 2014. Angelica Nwandu, the founder of The Shade Room, has recently expressed strong feelings that she wants to keep The Shade Room to itself and not allow it to be acquired by a larger company.


As to Facebook’s future with its subsidiary WhatsApp, more regulatory findings may be administered against Facebook’s favor. No matter what the price, Facebook will still be the giant it is today. Further discrepancies between WhatsApp’s terms of service that was updated in August 2016 may arise in future proceedings. For now, many believe that Facebook is safe — well, if you call $122 million safe.



Social Media Platforms Proving to be the Income Solution to Many Businesses

Initially, the primary objective behind the launching of various social media platforms was to keep in touch with friends and families and keep up-to-date with what’s happening across the globe. Over the time, the social media platforms have become a source of income for many individuals. Various people have testified how social media has made them millionaires and some billionaires. With the digital era, it has already dawned to entrepreneurs, investors, and prospect businesspersons that social media is a cash cow.

One way that makes social media platforms your business partner is by creating advertising platforms. The platforms make the viewers aware of your business and services you offer. Since there are millions of viewers, they see the advert and connect with you to get your services. Social media marketing has made real estate agents, car dealers, small businesses, big businesses among others to have a wider audience and increased sales turnover.

Individuals are also earning through commissions. The better part of selling through the use of social media is that you do it at the comfort of your home. More opportunities such as live video and webinars are proving to be of great importance to businesspersons. Keeping clients engaged and updated with the latest releases over the social media platforms makes the business to grow at an incredible rate.

According to 2017 Digital Marketing Statistics published by Smart Insights, Facebook continues to be the world most used social media platform for advertising business products because of its ease of use and has millions of users. Business advisers concur that for one to succeed in the business, sound strategies prioritizing on social media usage should be considered.


Reaching Teenagers Via Social Media

Companies have long wanted to tap into the lucrative market for teenage spending. They usually have to determine a way to convince the parents of those teenagers to make a purchase for the child. However, more and more teenagers now hold down part-time jobs and have extra cash to spend on the products pushed by various companies that target them specifically.


Social media is one great way to reach a large teenaged audience. This is because according to the Huffington Post this age group has adopted social media profiles practically more than any other. They want to connect with their friends and classmates online, but they also don’t mind doing a little promotion of a brand if they feel that it makes them look cool.


Teenagers often latch on to trends in order make themselves seem interesting to their peers and also to feel like they are part of a larger group. As such, marketers are wise to try to promote their products in a way that is relatable and fun for the teenagers. They can tap into what is happening in the teenage world if they spend just a little bit of time on those social networks looking at what exactly is going on within them.


If one wants to work on getting a larger share of the teenage market they must go to where those teenagers are. The social media websites can be difficult for some people to understand when they first get on them, but with time things usually work out well for companies that participate.


How Influencer Predictions Can Guide Social Media Marketing

A new series on Forbes chronicles the shifting social media landscape. On the last episode, influencers discuss their visions of social media’s future. From not wanting to make predictions at all, to mentioning that a real-world year is five years in YouTube time, to insights on upcoming platforms, the influencers seem to agree on one thing: they will keep telling stories to anyone watching. Social media marketers can take some of their advice.


Two main ideas stood out. The first is that people will continue telling stories. One influencer said that there will always be Beyonce and there will always be that one band no one else has ever heard of. To a marketer this suggests that social media has the power to serve niche markets. Marketers are constantly advised to find out where their audience lives online and tell their story to that forum. This advice is being disrupted by new tech and audience behaviors.


Currently there are many places to live online, from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and others. Each of these platforms are in constant flux because they are in constant competition. For instance, when Facebook released live-streaming so did Instagram. Brands who decide to follow innovation, rather than platform, could see success because viewers are interested in new ways to receive stories. Locking into one platform isn’t the best bet for marketers in a tumultuous social media landscape. Instead, listen to the influencers. Adapt to new forms of multi-media rapidly and your audience will find you.


Why Business Owners Should Never Delegate Their Social Media Needs

Social media is a valuable advertising tool for most businesses across the globe today. However, many business owners cannot find the time to make social media a priority for their business. The problem is many business owners delegate their social media needs to interns and other lower-level employees. Unfortunately, this can cause severe damage to the reputation of the company as many potential customers turn to social media to decide whether or not to conduct business with companies.


A strong social media campaign can improve traffic to a businesses website and gain the attention of important authorities in a specific industry. A poor strategy can cause companies to look unprofessional, uneducated and unhelpful. Weak social media strategies draw traffic away from websites and earn the criticism of industry influencers. Businesses do not want to get important people talking for the wrong reasons. Since a strong social media campaign is a digital window into the operations of a company, the task should never fall into the hands of those who do not know enough about the business and its niche.


Delegating social media management to someone who with little business experience is an outlet to looking dumb throughout the web. Companies seeking to build a quality social media campaign must first find out who in their organizations are capable enough of handling social media marketing with the right mix of business experience. Business owners are solely responsible for the success or failure of their companies.



Using Social Media for Business

In the past few years, social media has become an important tool for many businesses especially concerning marketing. With social media, it’s possible to answer customer’s questions and ensure that they remain happy. At the same time, social media acts as a platform where customers can express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This is the reason why a business should be active on social media accounts to address these issues. A recent article by revealed some ways that businesses can use to engage social media followers.


Use listening rooms

Social media has become an important part of the business world such that it has been integrated into school curriculum. Universities and colleges are now teaching how social media can be used to market a business. A good example of a university teaching such course is the University of Georgia. To ensure that a business is aware of trending issues, it should open up listening rooms and forums. A good example of a company using a war room is the Coca-Cola and uses these rooms to acknowledge complaints and address them thoroughly.


Join all media accounts into one platform

There are platforms being sold in the market that allow you to integrate all accounts into one. This means that you can address Facebook issues together with Instagram and Twitter issues. Not only does this make things easier but it ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. A good example of such a platform is the Google Alerts. Also, make it your habit to monitor your followers to know what they are up to.


Pinterest Acquires Twitter Cofounder’s Social Media Flop, Jelly

During this past week, Pinterest announced that they acquired Jelly Industries. This is one of the most prominent question-to-answer mobile application. Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter. According to Pinterest, this move will propel them to greater heights of success through recommendation and visual charge technology.


Biz Stone is the Chief Executive Officer of Jelly. For him, business is what defines success and failure in life, for this reason, he has worked to achieve the best through business and stability. Eva Sharp is the CEO and Founder of Pinterest. Together, the two will unite and provide the most brutal force for good and profitability in the social media platforms. Ben Frankel, CTO of Jelly, is also expected to become part of the common force for good.


Jelly also said that it would benefit from Pinterest due to their advancement in search technology and artificial intelligence. For this reason, they will be paired with professionals who will answer all the client questions. According to Biz, he founded Jelly with the main aim of developing a human-powered search engine. Jelly has, therefore, been designed to help all their users search most of their questions with sound and visual effects. However, this application was not adopted on a massive scale by users.


According to the Pinterest spokesperson, Jelly lacked enough technology to provide the most sophisticated services to their clients. However, their unity with Pinterest will offer the best way to achieve better business through capacity development. The company has helped numerous people around the world build their future.

Yik-Yak Is Finished, Basically Ending Anonymous Social Media

Recently, the anonymous social network called Yik Yak announced it was shutting down.

The announcement was made by Yik Yak’s original founders, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington. The fast rise and precipitous fall of Yik Yak is an instructive story in just how difficult the social media business can truly be.


Yik Yak represented a bold experiment in social media. As they tried to build a new kind of social media audience, the developers of Yik Yak exemplified originality and a sense of purpose. Despite their best efforts, these stalwart professionals were not able to succeed in making Yik Yak commercially viable for the long term. This is one more demonstration of the fact that the business of social media is all too often unforgiving. I hope that the designers behind Yik Yak are able to succeed in whatever new jobs they ultimately find. Without doubt, people of this caliber offer a lot for the global economy.


When social media first became a big part of the modern economy, many people assumed that this type of online activity was a passing fad. As subsequent events demonstrated, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. The business of social media is creating wealth for thousands of entrepreneurs with vision and dedication. When it comes to social media apps, you can’t expect to succeed without great business skills. The people who ran Yik Yak need to hone their business skills if they hope to succeed in the future. Only time will tell if another social network will successfully monetize anonymous online socializing.

Social Media Matters in Marketing for More Reasons Than You Think

If you have an idea of modern marketing, then social media is the best way to market your products and brand. This is the first time in the history of the world when people get interconnected like a global village. For this reason, people have an increased capability to communicate in a matter of seconds.


Social media can also be a career if you have an audience. You can create more impression if you are an influencer in social media. For the branded programming, media outlets do more business than creating a better business capability in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. More than 80 percent of millennials have a thing for social media marketing development. People also trust the endorsements and influencers more than their endorsements.


For effective social media marketing, you must have an active account. In reality, people engage in marketing all their businesses in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business through animated market research. Most media outlets manage their social media accounts or hire professionals to manage these accounts. For the sake of social media, diverse careers have risen to attain better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled din the industry. As social media continues to evolve, more people will be inclined towards the creation of productive businesses.


Even if you are on social media with the main reason of marketing, you may not be getting the best results through that platform.