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More Money for Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is a firm dedicated to improve the practice and management of the dentistry profession. What sets this firm apart is the fact that it is developed by dentists for dentists, which means that dentists focus on patients first before profits.

Purpose of organization

The aim of MB2 Dental Solutions is to partner with other dental practitioners across the country to offers tailor-made solutions to affiliated offices to run their practice with efficiency without running the risk of giving up control of their patient care. With this aspect, associate dentists can be guaranteed full autonomy of their clinics and focus on their trade.


The headquarters are based in Texas with branches across six states including New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alaska. With such coverage one is assured of security of services and information.

Services offered

Dentists affiliated to MB2 dental can also advance their career by being mentored and taught by experts in the field of dentistry. What the firm does is that it helps dentists to focus on their practice while also helping with the business aspect of the practice. This allows dentists to put more focus on patients.

White Pages recalled that MB2 dental strives to equip dentists with guidance and knowledge about non-clinical aspect of their practice. Such a move allows them to make strategic decisions about their practice both from the patient perspective and from a business standpoint.

Lakshman Reddy

Reddy  is a Microsoft certified technology expert that specializes in Microsoft dynamics. He has over 9 years’ experience in the field and has developed various designs for the company.

Reddy has previously handled CRM 2015 and 2013, previously dealing with earlier versions that cover end to end on all modules. Experience in using dynamics to develop and implement technical and business solutions in the form of application platform.

Leadership team

MB2 Dental’s leadership team comprises of 12 dedicated professionals keen on ensuring that the integrity of dentistry practice is upheld. It comprises of the founder who doubles up as the chief executive-Dr. Chris Steven, president, Justin Pucket, chief operating officer- Justin Carroll, chief financial officer- mark fuller, chief revenue offices, vice president of business development, chief compliance officer, director of human resources , information technology and procurement and director of marketing strategy. Learn more about more MB2 Dental:

With this, it is clear that MB2 dental is fully committed to making the practice more professional. The structure of the management clearly points out the fact that the organization is keen on ensuring that dentists enjoy what they do knowing that their finances are taken care of.

In conclusion, MB2 Dental Solution is the one stop shop for dentists who want to advance in their career both financially and in patient satisfaction.