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End Citizens United

Founded in 2015, End Citizens United campaigns for politicians in opposition to the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding corporate contributions. It aims to reverse this ruling through a constitutional amendment. As the 2018 race commences, the political action committee (PAC), End Citizens United, officially endorsed Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s 2018 reelection bid. Whitehouse is renowned for being an active opponent of the Supreme Court’s decision. In his 2017 book, “Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy”, he called for transparency in spending and political donations. In 2016, the PAC spent over $15 million in Senate and House races to help elect 15 congressional members.


Recently, Whitehouse criticized Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch about the sources of his nomination funds. Amidst this controversy, End Citizens United managed to collect upwards of $4 million in contributions. End Citizen United expects to raise $35 million for the midterm Congressional elections, a significant increase compared to 2016. An average donation received by the PAC in 2017 is $12. According to the committee’s leader Tiffany Muller, the objective of the exercise is to champion reforms on the financing of political campaigns.


Increased levels of discontent within the Democratic Party regarding President Trump’s policies and nominees has led to an increase in the group’s momentum and recruitment activities. The group’s $4 million contributions to the campaign of the Democratic Party’ candidate Jon Ossoff surprised many political pundits. It is expected that the group will play a significant role in the reelection campaigns of candidates in 2018. Presently, the group is heavily involved in lobbying for influence in the reformation of the Supreme Court’s decision. In its pursuit of this goal, the organization in 2016 collaborated with the Hilary Clinton campaign. The group has an email list of 4 million individuals, facilitating dialogue, coordination, and contributions between members and potential supporters.


End Citizens United references the Supreme Courts 2010 Citizens United decision allowing union and corporate donations during elections. Operating as a traditional PAC, the group caps contributions at $5,000. In 2016, the group ranked among the top Democratic Party’s contributors. Although it is not the only PAC focused on the reformation of campaign finance, End Citizens United is unique in its commitment to campaign reforms. It hopes to achieve its goal by supporting the election of campaign reform favorable candidates.


Whitehouse is expected to contest against two Republican candidates: Coventry state representative Robert Nardolilo or former state Justice Robert Flanders. Nardolilo will announce his candidature on May 15. To facilitate the collection of 330,000 donors and 160,00 members across the nation, the groups made its endorsement known early in the cycle. Its spokesperson, Adam Bozzi, said the group had formed ties with various election financing organizations in support of its endorsed candidates.


An In-Depth Look at George Soros Political and Philanthropy Life

George Soros is known for his wonderful works that have positively changed the social and political status of the United States of America and in the world. He is known for his great wealth which he has earned through hard work. The founder of Soros Fund Management has expressed his heartfelt desire to help the less fortunate persons. George Soros a citizen of the United States but he was born in Budapest Hungary on 12th August 1930. He sought his education at London School of Economics. He has acquired his wealth through sacrifice and effort towards success. He says one of his spiritual mentors is Karl Popper who introduced him to “Open Society.” Though he claims Karl did not teach him, he gave him essays he wrote for him to review on Forbes. The book “The Open Society and its Enemies” written by Karl made a turnaround in his life to date. One of the primary sources of income is the New York Hedge which is a family business. George Soros also owns the Soros Fund Management which is a philanthropic organization among many other in the world.

George Soros Philanthropy

The Soros Fund Management is one of the charitable organizations started him. The foundation on that assists refugees has invested $500 million in refugee based organizations. He also funds organizations supporting immigrants. He began his philanthropic work in 1979, and by 1992 he was able to give over $300 per annum through his chain of foundations across Asia and Eastern Europe. Soros has over 70 active organizations across the world. His extent of philanthropy is beyond finance. He stated in his book “Open Society- Reforming Global Capitalism” he defends social responsibility, the rule of law, democracy and universal idea in a philanthropic manner.

George Soros Social and Political Concerns

George Soros has a powerful political influence across the world. He has positively used his influence to shape the political affairs of many countries. He is known for his immense influence in the politics of the United States of America. He believes in good government management and equal opportunity to all. His political views and ambitions are clear in his book “2000 Open Society-Reforming Global Capitalism.” He is quoted saying his ambition is to develop the world through his charitable organizations on Politico. The money he has made should have a positive change to the social activities and especially social justice. He has defended the racial justice through the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the promotion of human equality in America. Through Open Society Foundations (OSF) he is seen donating a lot of money to promote social affairs of the citizens. He has channeled these funds through other organization which includes Human Rights Watch (HRW) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). We can, therefore, say George Soros has great ideas in changing the world and make it adaptable to everyone.