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George Soros, A Capitalist Who Believes In The Unparalleled Benefits Of Open Societies

The world consists of two types of visionaries, the first group believes in the power of oppression, while the second group, believes in the immense benefits of living in a humanist world that consists of open societies. While the term, open societies hasn’t quite caught on with many, the benefits of these societal structures are recognized by many leaders who are also humanitarians. One such humanitarian is George Soros, who is part of the Open Society Foundation and has donated $18 Billion in the attempt of creating a better society that promotes a consistent humanistic approach.

Open societies are built on the ideology, that no one has a right to monopolize the truth and that people are different in many ways, societies should be built around allowing people and various communities to live together in harmony. The dire need for an open society in today’s world arises due to governments and other social structures acting like dictators where they believe in an ultimate truth, and aren’t afraid to use the weapon of oppression to achieve their goals.

George Soros understands first hand about these concepts, as he had a modest beginning. He was born to a family that did not have much in the means of wealth but had more important things such as compassion. He completed his education by paying for it through working as a railroad porter and a waiter, soon after that, he worked as a hedge fund manager who was responsible for handling the accounts of various clients who were essential to the success of the financial sector. When George Soros was in a position to start contributing to the welfare of people, this philanthropist actively began providing funds to various causes, such as the end poverty cause in Africa. For this particular noble mission, he donated $75 million, as this project was geared mainly at aiding the efforts of the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project which was aimed at bringing in essentials such as food, water, and electricity to that country.

George Soros has also positively influenced policy changes, promoted education in minorities while ensuring that minorities gain their rights to live a dignified life. His primary purpose in aiding minorities is to protect people from acts of police brutality all while empowering these humans to be able to live a life that is free from harassment due to profiling, segregation, and discrimination.

At the age of 87, George Soros continues on his path to free people from oppression, through the work done by his Open Society Foundation. He has created an article called, The Capitalists Threat which was published on The Atlantic, and this article elaborates on the need for Open Societies that let people of different standings live together without being oppressed.

Like all visionaries, George Soros has been targeted by conspiracy groups on various occasions especially because of all the good work he has done in his lifetime. He has been accused of undermining the American way of life, along with other baseless allegations. Ironically, these falsified claims only stand to prove the urgent need for an open society where philanthropists and humanitarians are the deserving leaders that guide the rest of the world with utmost compassion and kindness.

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Dick DeVos and Giving Back to Others

Giving back to others should be in the center of any community. Nobody knows it better than Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy. Their philanthropy has reached 139 million dollars donated to charity over their lives.


In 2015 DeVos family donated more than 11 million dollars to charity. They have set up a foundation that helps others. There are political donations, but the couple isn’t focusing on that. It is important for the Dick DeVos family to give back.


Education is a Must


They understand that education is one of the most important aspects for the future of next generations, so their charity work is extensive. For education purposes, the foundation has donated more than 3 million dollars.


There is an understanding that one size fits all doesn’t work. People learn differently and need individual approach. There are plenty of talented teachers who might not fit into the traditional teaching model. DeVos family and the Foundation want to help recognize their extraordinary work with the youth.


Dick DeVos was born in Michigan. He has three siblings who also have foundations set up to give back to the society and communities. He graduated from a public school in Forest Hills. Later he graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He started his master’s at Harvard Business School, but his career went down a different path.


When Dick DeVos was younger, he was involved in his family’s business helping out where it was necessary. After graduation, he began his career with Amway Corporation in the seventies. He applied his knowledge and understanding to grow the company and left the business booming.


He later worked for Orlando Magic before re-joining Amway as the President of the enterprise. He took over from his father Rich and was able to grow the company to operations overseas. It started out with 5% in foreign sales, but under Dick DeVos, Amway reached new possibilities. They trade in fifty countries and territories over six continents.


As Long as the Heart Beats


Although his family is wealthy, Dick DeVos understands what it means to earn everything himself. It is a particular work ethic his father instilled in him by example. Dick DeVos is one of the most capable business men on the international stage, and his philanthropy is a way he encourages future generations to be brave. He leads by example in proving that hard work pays off sooner than you might think.


The recognition and social standing do not derive from the people you know or the restaurants you enjoy visiting. It comes from giving back and is an unspoken rule between the wealthy Michigan societies.


The DeVos foundation is not planning on stopping anytime soon. Their plan is to continue their work in education and charity as long as it is possible.


When Integrity Is Taken Into Account

The Resilience and Strength Called Betsy DeVos

There’s a great deal of controversy going around within major news sources. Much of that revolves around the powerful Trump Administration. And we’re not inviting you to join in on the rumors, small talk or to pick a political side. We want you to consider how one woman shows outstanding resilience when the world at large is left in unsurety.

The recent comments made by Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos is clear.

Though she sees the real dangers of potential climate change, her supports rests safely with her current chief and commander. And there’s no better place to put your support than among those who support you. It’s Donald Trump who appointed Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education.

And Elizabeth DeVos doesn’t take her opportunity lightly. As we consider who she is, who her family is and what type of business she was involved with through Amway, it’s clear to understand. A woman like Betsy can be so supportive because support is what Betsy had dedicated her entire life to. Her husband is a great example of her supportive nature.


Dick DeVos was once the Amway President and a successful representative in the business when he was growing up. But there’s a strong person or group of people behind every successful person. Dick was clearly a great success in the same manner that he is today. Think beyond the current glory and the picture becomes clear. We look to Betsy for help.

Her actions today prove her habits that she also had n the past.

This is specifically the characteristics of someone with a great understanding in resilience and strength. In order to give either to others, the person offering these must innately know or understand what it means to be supportive. And the past work of Betsy only shows a supportive nature.

So when Betsy DeVos was confronted about what the U.S. President’s decisions were, she could only find it within herself to give utter support to his cause. It’s impossible for everyone to understand the reasons for the things we do. We couldn’t define the motives of one man entirely and without him sharing the information. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

So when it comes to taking actions on the charitable needs we have in society today, it’s women like Betsy DeVos who doesn’t waver. And we’re likely to see her supportive nature well into the near future.

A Look At The Philanthrophy And Leadership Of Betsy DeVos

Who Is Betsy DeVos?

Mrs. Betsy DeVos now serves as the Secretary of Education at the United States federal government. She was appointed by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the senate in a historic vote that saw the vice-president cast the deciding vote in her favor for approval. Mrs. DeVos has had a long and successful career in business and entrepreneurship.

Betsy DeVos has been actively involved in politics, education and philanthropy for many decades now. She is a strong supporter of the arts and educational initiatives such as school choice. Mrs. DeVos was tapped by Donald Trump to serve as the Secretary of Education for her long standing work aimed at reforming the educational system and making it more student and parent centered instead of bureaucrat and teacher union centered. Betsy has helped over a million students and parents achieve school choice and get a better education.

The Background And Education of Betsy DeVos

Her full name is Elizabeth Dee DeVos and her was father was Edgar Prince, who created the Prince Corporation. The firm manufactured die cast machines, sun visors and other car interior car parts. Betsy was born in Holland, Michigan, a small town southwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She completed a private Christian school there and later went on to graduate from Calvin College in Grand Rapids with a bachelor of arts degree. Betsy DeVos is married to Richard DeVos, who is a prominent Michigan businessman also of Dutch descent like Betsy is. Together they reside in Grands Rapids, Michigan.

Betsy DeVos’ Contributions, Work And Achievements In The Educational Field

According to Los Angeles Times, Betsy DeVos is one of the leading proponents of school choice, charters schools and school voucher programs in the nation. She has served as the chairwoman for the American Federation of Children, the Alliance for School Choice and the Foundation for Excellence in Education from 2008, 2009 and 2012, respectively until 2016. When she became the new Secretary of Education for the United States Betsy DeVos left these organizations. Mrs. DeVos also helped launch a charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 for students that are interested in learning about aviation and aerospace.

Betsy DeVos In Business And Politics

Mrs. DeVos served as a chairwoman at the Windquest group. It was a private investment and management firm created by Dick and Elizabeth DeVos that invests in and buys out technology companies, renewable energy and manufacturing facilities and plants. In politics, Betsy DeVos has served as a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and a Republican National Committeewoman for the state of Michigan. She has been involved in politics with the Republican party at the local, state and and national level since 1982 and while studying at Calvin College.

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Anthony Petrello Is Living The American Dream

Anthony Petrello is the personification of the American Dream. Raised in a working-class Newark, New Jersey neighborhood, through talent, hard work and making the most of his opportunities, he’s now one of America’s highest paid chief executives.

Tony Petrello was known as a math whiz in high school. No one was surprised when he received a scholarship to Yale and got the chance to study under world-renowned mathematician Serge Lang. Most expected Petrello to go on to do great things in mathematics after earning his degree. Instead, he attended Harvard Law School and took his life into an entirely different direction.

After graduating with his juris doctor, Petrello was hired by the internationally respected New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. His stellar work there was noticed by one of the law firm’s most important clients, Nabors Industries, the oil and gas giant. In 1991 Nabors Industries hired Anthony Petrello as president and COO. He was promoted to deputy chairman in 2003 and has been president and CEO of the company since 2012. In 2015 the Dallas, Texas based company made the one-time Newark math whiz the highest paid CEO at over $68 million a year.

In addition to his work at Nabors Industries, Petrello is also a husband, father and committed philanthropist. He married his college sweetheart, actress Cynthia Carrafa, and has a daughter named Carena. When Carena was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Anthony donated $7 million to help Texas Children’s Hospital to build a neurological research center. Petrello also lends his time and resources to a number of other charitable causes and is on the board of a number of other companies.

Anthony Petrello has been rewarded not only for the operating functions he performs at Nabors Industries. Petrello’s direction and strategic planning initiatives have also been invaluable.