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4 Ways to Use Facebook For Online Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the business world. According to data from eMarketer, 41% of small businesses in the U.S. use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. In this post, we’ll be discussing four ways you can use Facebook for marketing.

1. Make Use of Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page allows a business to build a strong relationship with its customers; not just by listing product offerings or services, but also by sharing images, posts, and links. Ensure that your Facebook page truly reflects your brand. Use your company’s logo as the profile image for your Page. Additionally, choose a cover image that is striking and showcases what your business does.

2. Host Facebook Contests

Hosting Facebook contests is another marketing tactic that can increase brand awareness and potential customers. There are different types of contests including sweepstakes, promotions, and video contests.

When running a Facebook contest, have in mind that you will need a third-party app to create the Facebook contest. Your users will then be directed to the app from their Facebook page.

3. Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads

You can advertise your business with Facebook ads (MarketPlace Ads). These classic ads appear in the side column of the Facebook website. The ads include an image, a headline and a click-through link to an app, Facebook page or any other website.

4. Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories is a form of “word of mouth” online marketing concept. They are a form of Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions to their friends. For instance, when a user sees that two or three of his/her friends like a certain page, the user will be more inclined to pay attention.

Facebook has it that Sponsored Stories have 20 percent lower Cost Per Click and 46 percent higher Click-Through Rate than ordinary Facebook ads.


White Shark Media isn’t your average online and offline marketing agency, it is an agency that has mastered its craft, and due to this it is a recipient of the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Founded by two exquisite and well-traveled Danish entrepreneurs who have the passion and drive to offer excellent marketing solutions to companies, White Shark Media has nothing but a trail of success and accomplishments.

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To be able to get such awards, White Shark Media uses a number of techniques so as to meet their customer needs. If you are a company that needs proprietary software for your business or Google Analytics Integration so as to take our business to the next level, White Shark Media will help you in that. They also offer keyword-level call tracking and competitive intelligence services.

The men behind the success of White Shark Media have made it magnificent, and this magnificence has made it be able to branch out into three countries. Due to this growth, it now has an employee base of more than one hundred and fifty people. At in its incipient stages, White Shark Media had the objective of conquering the world of marketing through the use of the internet and truly it has managed to do that in three countries. The sky isn’t the limit for White Shark.

Social Media Can Help You Sell Your Products

Today, social media rules the world. There are so many ways to use it that for some, it is essential to daily life. For businesses, this is definitely true. If you haven’t been using social media to sell your products, you’ve been missing out.


  1. Know who your customers are.

This can be a challenge when many companies and businesses don’t even know how many customers they have, let alone who they are or what they’re like. Send out feelers, ask for emails, request surveys and see how often you can get feedback.


  1. Speak directly to those customers with your content.

This is the vital part. When creating customers, have the customer base from part one in mind at all times. If your customers are young twenty-somethings who are single and love to go out on the weekends, don’t try to make them laugh with sports gags or lure them in with coupons to fast food. You need to play to their likes and preferences, which means that you’ll definitely need to focus a lot of time on step one.


  1. Present a call to action.

Now that you know you must know who your customers are and speak directly to your customers, you must also keep in mind that you can’t just leave them hanging right here. Instead, deliver a crisp call to action that directly asks them to buy your product.