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Can Pimax Challenge Facebook with New VR Headset?

Oculus Go reveals Facebook’s desire to tap into the growing virtual reality market. Social media advertisements alone won’t sustain the company forever. By venturing into other business endeavors, Facebook can expand its bottom line. The standalone Oculus VR headset just might be a great seller for the social media giant. Or, the headset may be facing serious competition from Pimax.

Based in China, the startup Pimax wants to make a huge mark on the virtual reality industry. Tackling giants such as Facebook won’t be easy for sure, but Pimax does maintain a proverbial ace in the hole. The Pimax 8K headset doesn’t employ a field-of-view of 90 or 110 degrees like other headsets. The Pimax device hopes to deliver a 200-degree field-of-view, which makes for one revolutionary VR headset.

Fans of VR headsets are, of course, techies. Consumers enthralled by innovative technology commonly gravitate to the newest and best releases. They also maintain a loyalty to major names. A product associated with Facebook won’t exactly bring about fears of weak quality.

Startups cannot simply deliver an alternative to a top name’s product. Yes, a cheaper version of a major company’s product might sell to the budget conscious, but the growth potential won’t exactly be too high. A small startup has to deliver something better than what a big company offers.

Pimax’s innovative new VR headset could give Facebook some competition. Questions remain how serious the competition actually will be. No matter how great Pimax’s VR headset could turn out to be, the headset won’t bear any name associated with Facebook. That can be a hurdle.