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I’m Proud To Call Myself A FreedomPop Customer

I was experiencing a major crisis when my phone company shut off my cell phone plan. I made my payments every month on time for years, and the one time when things went wrong, they cut off my service. I had made arrangements to make a payment within two days, but it looks as if the person who cut off my phone didn’t get the memo, and they left me without service. I just had a death in the family and needed to make phone calls, and they couldn’t have cut off my phone at a worse time. I decided that I would never go back to that company again.

I chose FreedomPop as my service provider because I read a great FreedomPop review that gave me all the ammunition I needed to switch. Even though my previous company was asking me to come back after I paid my final bill, I explained to them how they had emotionally crippled me at the worst time by shutting off my phone and not communicating with their staff, so I never looked back and left them for good.

I have a phone that takes a very small sim card, so I was wondering how they would accommodate me when I ordered a sim card online. It turns out that their sim card is 3-in-1 and only has to be fit properly into the phone, so their sim card will fit any phone. I received the sim card within a matter of days and was able to start using my plan, which was the unlimited plan for $19.99.

I get to talk to anyone at any time, I can text anyone that I want, and my data is unlimited as well, even though I have only one gigabyte of 4G LTE data. The only thing I really use my data for is to operate the GPS that’s on my phone, and I only need the GPS once in a while, so the data I get from FreedomPop is good enough. I can’t believe I was paying three times as much money to another company, but FreedomPop is able to offer me the same great services for a fraction of what I used to pay.

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