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FreedomPop Review Shows Users How Cell Phone Plans Should Be

If you believe you are paying too much for your internet and cell phone bill, you most likely have not heard of FreedomPop. In a recent FreedomPop Review, users were asked what they liked about their cell phone service and internet service. Here is what people raved about:


Unique Free Cell Phone Service Provider


Their rise to the top comes from their service they offer to their clients. They offer the ability for users to get online, completely free of charge, for 500 MB of 4g as well as the 200 minutes of service. If this alone is not enough for someone, they also offer unlimited texting. You have to remember however that sending and receiving text messages is going to also use up some of the data.


There are NO Contracts or Cancellation Fees


At FreedomPop, they also state that users will never encounter any kind of cancellation fees or that there is any kind of necessary contract that must be signed by users. Often times, people who use cell phones are hit by a cancellation fee if they decide at any point in their current contract that they are no longer satisfied. If you are unhappy with your current cell phone provider, this might be the perfect time for you to make the switch. The FreedomPop network is ran off from the cell towers associated with Sprint.


500MB Of Data? That’s All?


Most people will use this amount of data on their own in just a day. If you are someone who does not access the internet much or who only uses the data away from wifi spots, this could be just the right amount of data. If you are someone who otherwise uses a bunch of data daily, there are other means of internet. There is additional plans that you can purchase through FreedomPop for an additional ten dollar charge. This will allow you to continue using your data plan as you need it or as you see fit.


What users have when they signup with FreedomPop is, unlimited text messaging that will use your data, you receive 500 MB of data per month, with the option to purchase additional data for $10 per month, you receive 200 free minutes of voice and the ability to be completely free of any type of contract or cancellation fees. This in itself is what most people would consider the best of cell phone providers.