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Chris Burch Discusses the Founding of His New Company

Chris Burch has recently participated in an interview where he discussed the launch of his new investment company, Burch Creative Capital. During his interview, the businessman explained the concept of Birch Creative Capital and how it was different than other venture capital companies. He also expressed his enthusiasm about working with new companies and individuals to develop global brands and explained the process he uses to determine whether or not to work with a start up. The businessman discussed the likelihood that he will return to a career of fashion design and ended the interview by inviting the general public to watch Birch Creative Capital’s new advertisement on social media platforms.


Birch Creative Capital’s Original Concept

Chris Burch stated that he was extremely excited about the concept of Birch Creative Capital and believed that it was a truly distinctive concept in the venture capital industry. Birch described his background as one that was steeped with hard work and discipline because his father taught him to work in construction at the age of thirteen. The businessman also revealed that he struggled through school because of his multiple learning disabilities. Through his trials, he developed the ability to look beyond difficult circumstances and see potential in any situation. Birch believes his background granted him the ability to focus on multiple aspects of business at one time and is largely responsible for his current success. The businessman developed the concept for Birch Creative Capital from his unique experiences in the business arena. Birch Creative Capital is a venture capital company that seeks to invest in individuals as well as companies. Chris Birch believes that his company should invest in the emotional, physical, and business health of the individuals who choose to work with his company. The businessman hopes to create a new culture of venture capitalism that caters to the changing breed of entrepreneurs in a swiftly changing country.


New Companies and Individuals Included in Business Platform

During his interview, Chris Birch announced his excitement to work with a few notable companies and individuals. Ellen Degeneres, for example, is set to release a line of household goods with the help of Birch Creative Capital. The line is expected to be insightful and innovative. Chris Burch briefly discussed his future plans with reporters at the close of the interview. The businessman stated that he planned to work in the venture capital industry for as long as he had the ability to do so.

Social Media Can Help You Sell Your Products

Today, social media rules the world. There are so many ways to use it that for some, it is essential to daily life. For businesses, this is definitely true. If you haven’t been using social media to sell your products, you’ve been missing out.


  1. Know who your customers are.

This can be a challenge when many companies and businesses don’t even know how many customers they have, let alone who they are or what they’re like. Send out feelers, ask for emails, request surveys and see how often you can get feedback.


  1. Speak directly to those customers with your content.

This is the vital part. When creating customers, have the customer base from part one in mind at all times. If your customers are young twenty-somethings who are single and love to go out on the weekends, don’t try to make them laugh with sports gags or lure them in with coupons to fast food. You need to play to their likes and preferences, which means that you’ll definitely need to focus a lot of time on step one.


  1. Present a call to action.

Now that you know you must know who your customers are and speak directly to your customers, you must also keep in mind that you can’t just leave them hanging right here. Instead, deliver a crisp call to action that directly asks them to buy your product.


Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts a New Fan-filled Event for TOYS for BOYS


The action-packed event orchestrated by TOYS for BOYS’ cofounder, Danilo Diaz Granados, will leave a lasting impression on those who were lucky enough to get an invitation. The hand-selected wealthy Miami socialites were treated to fine cuisines, helicopter rides, private previews, amazing moments at the racetrack, Dom Perignon’s champagne, and an exciting sunset boat ride. Danilo Diaz Granados has hosted several fan-filled events for elite guest since 2013 when he co-founded TOYS for BOYS.

An eventful day

The first stop for the wealthy guests was at One Thousand Museum of Dame Zaha Hadid, where they enjoyed a nice breakfast, followed by an exclusive preview of the residential building set to be built in Miami’s Biscayne area. Then, they ferried by a helicopter to and from the Palm Beach Race Track. The event continued as the guest enjoyed sipping Dom Perignon champagne and a fine lunch served at the Miami River-located River Yacht club. The affluent guests wrapped up their action-filled day by embarking on an unforgettable sunset boat ride. The Miami socialites had an opportunity to test out new boats owned by Technomar and Van Dutch.

Danilo Diaz Granados

Upon completing his studies in one of the best entrepreneurship college (Wellesley Massachusetts-based college), Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados proceeded to apply what he learned in class in real life situations. He became an accomplished investor, entrepreneur, and an expert financial advisor.

The luxury boutique provides wealthy Miami men a perfect place to purchase exceptional and extravagant items such as contemporary art, jewelry, exotic cars, and classic watches. Danilo is also the founder of another successful firm called Edge of Glory films headquartered in Miami. He is in charge of production, editing, marketing, and delivery of communication content. As an Associate of Fireman Capital Partners, Danilo Diaz Granados has overseen the launch and growth of several firms by offering insights and intelligence on global factors affecting hedge fund investments. Danilo has a huge followership on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Online Reputation Management Firm Sighted As One Of US Fastest Growing Companies

Recognized for its 1,099 percent growth in three years, online reputation management firm, Status Labs, was named to the Inc. 500 annual list of fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Status Labs is a one of a kind company that delivers results of any digital communications problem or crisis.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs President and Chief Executive, commented in a statement that the company is privileged to be included in the Inc. 500 List. He also said the accomplishment attributes to the ever-increasing demand for strategic digital publicity, promotional campaigns as well as digital reputation management.

Status Labs ranked number 339 on the list and was applauded for continuing to pioneer public relations and image management.

The company assists clients in connecting with their viewers with compelling subject matter as well as with services that resolve the unique needs of its customers, which include many Fortune 500 companies and worldwide public and political figures.

The company adapts its solutions to the clients requests through a diversity of skilled practices.

Status Labs’ influence can be seen in such industries as technology, real estate and healthcare, among others.

Under the leadership of Fisher, last year Status Labs signed more than 160 new clients while simultaneously growing its workforce by more than 12 percent.


Companies that join Status Labs on this year’s Inc. 500 List include Davis Defense Group, Inspire Medical Systems, S2 Capital and Tribeca Marketing Group, among others.

Additional information on the Inc.500 List can be found here.

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