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Market America Convention 2017 Recognizes Great Achievements and Supports Entrepreneurs

Market America Convention 2017 allowed a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to learn and grow within the online sales market. The convention was available to thousands of independent partners who have a passion for business and a desire to take their life to a higher level. Independent partners succeed with a self-determining attitude and self-driven mindset, which is a great way for them to stay motivated and produce effective results. However, they have an enormous amount of committed support from the company to accomplish their personal business goals and reach as high as they choose. Market America Convention 2017 empowered independent partners to remain focused and determined with their individual goals.

From the moment thousands of attendees arrived at the convention, there was an abundance of enthusiasm in the atmosphere that was exciting and captivating. Team members arrived with the same color tee-shirts with huge smiles and anticipation to support one another. The convention provided a perfect opportunity for independent partners to engage with individuals from all over the world and walk away with new business contacts and even new friends. There was an award ceremony, which recognized the achievements done by several of those who attended the convention; presenting them with gifts and plaques for their extraordinary accomplishments. The ceremony was also a reminder to everyone to stay hopeful, stay encouraged and above all else to never give up and more

Market America Inc. has been in the retail industry since 1992. The company has created the type of supportive environment that encourages entrepreneurs to dream big and to fulfill their destiny with a can-do attitude. With a big belief system that everything is within a person’s personal power to achieve, and 25 years of entrepreneurial success, the company gives independent partners the