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Some Facebook Employees Disagree With The Company’s Stance On Fake News Stories

There has been a lot of news coverage lately concerning the issue of fake news stories being posted on social media websites. A few minutes ago, I read an article that is about a group of Facebook employees who are challenging the stance taken on the issue by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


This article tells how an anonymous group of Facebook employees have formed a task force to comprehensively look at the issue. While Mr. Zuckerberg disputes that fake news stories on the online platform affected the recent presidential election, this group of employees disagrees.


The task force, that is said to include dozens of employees, is meeting in secret for now, but hopes to be able to speak freely and formalize its meetings in the future.


According to this article, more than 150 million American citizens utilize social media websites. Supposedly, many people now receive much of their news information from these websites, in place of more traditional sources.


A recent study by a leading research organization found that false or misleading information had been published on both left-wing and right-wing-oriented social media pages prior to the election. The study also revealed that almost twice as much false information was published on right-wing pages.


One thing that I don’t understand, however, is the fact that millions of Americans now rely on a social media website for receiving news information.


Now I can’t help but wonder if fake news stories have been circulated during elections for decades.