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Wikipedia Addresses Lack Of Coverage On Native People

There seems to be a dearth of articles when it comes to Native Americans and other native people groups. Wikipedia has finally decided to address the issue and increase its coverage on Native American and tribal groups by encouraging its users to churn our articles about them. The non-profit, is sponsoring editing days where users aim to write as many articles as they can about major Native American and tribal figures. Major events in Native American history and movements are also being planned on covered during the edit marathons.

Wikipedia has said that the lack of coverage stems from the fact, that many Native American and tribal groups have poor access to the internet or no access at all. This is not surprising, when you think of where many of these groups of people live. Still, the fact that notable poets such as Esther Belin have no mention on the online encyclopedia are a concern. Despite being a famous poet and artist, she has no mention in Wikipedia. She is not alone either.

Another interesting thing found by Wikipedia is that most editors are hesitant to take on writing about Native Americans and tribal groups. Most Wikipedia editors are found in wealthy, industrialized countries. Info has shown that they constantly skip over such groups and focus on their own nation or sphere of interest instead. The Native American and tribal group edit marathons should change this, slowly but surely. After all, these groups deserve a place among other major historical figures as well on Wikipedia.

The Benefit Of Having A Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia page creation can be a great way to build up a positive presence on the web. Wikipedia is viewed as a highly trustworthy and credible source. If you are looking to build up credibility to your name or company, than what better way to help you achieve that, than by starting off with a Wikipedia article? You can also use Wikipedia articles in reputation management. It can even be used cleverly as a way to advertise a business or service.

Get Your Own Wikipedia Article

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