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Talkspace makes Therapy accessible to all

Technology has greatly impacted on communication between two or more parties. With the introduction of smartphones, individuals can easily interact and connect with the world. According to a recent study, more than 10 percent of teens using the internet are at risk of depression. The immediate solution can be linked to the development of online companies offering a range of healthcare services. A good example is Talkspace which provides professional online mental-health services by connecting patients with experts.

Talkspace online therapy offer several advantages to its client .Instead of booking an appointment and trekking to a doctor’s office, one can receive the service wherever they are just by a click of a button. The therapy platforms are available via text-based chat protocol, phone calls and skype-esque video. Online therapy with Talkspace involves an on-demand asynchronous connection with the therapist thus allowing even individuals with limited time get the help they need. It is also cheaper compared to face-to face therapy.

Talkspace recently signed a deal with Magellan Health granting patients access to online therapies provided by Talkspace. This deal is expected help Talkspace boost its reputation and market-share. Scott Christnelly, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker who oversees the company’s therapist performance, believes that extra time between communications is beneficial as it gives the therapist and client time and space to look into their actions


Talkspace was co-founded by Oren Frank with his wife Roni Frank in 2012 with the aim of making therapy affordable and accessible to all. The company is based in New York and majors in providing health, therapeutic and consultancy services. With a mission to make a billion people happy, clients access limitless help from licensed therapists without appointments.

Users can connect with the mental-health rapists through the Talkspace app or via the web. Having launched a voice and video app in October, the company plans to launch other innovative products including a group therapy. The company is also looking forward to expanding its services geographically.