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The Success of Greg Secker as a Successful Businessman

Greg the owner of Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and Smart Charts software was a multi-millionaire in his the twenties. In London, he is a renowned for successfully running of trading companies. Greg Secker is passionate in coaching people and companies on how to become successful entrepreneurs. He believes that everybody should be equipped with essential tools to help in their lives. Moreover, he believes in creating awareness for charity.

Despite having studied Agriculture and food science at the University, his interest in Foreign exchange trading was triggered by his involvement in working on the virtual trading desk. His experience was gained from working around some of the excellent traders in the world. For his expert opinions on the market running, he is regularly invited into media to speak on Major market channels. In addition, he is an author and written several books including the book containing step by step guidance on the currency market.

Greg Secker started his professionalism at Thomas Cook Financial Services. After which he ventured into the Virtual Trading DeskTM which is a new business for Foreign exchange business. VTD was his first platform that enabled customers to carry out large foreign transaction by getting real-time quotes.

Greg Secker Foundation was formed in the year 2011 with the mission of empowering young individuals with early life skills to structure their life before getting to the age of 35 years. It was committed to positively enhancing the quality of life for people all over the world. This mission began with the summit on youth leadership by organizing youth seminars to get in touch with excellent and famous motivators. Motivation was based on Leadership initiatives, Health, Wealth, Relationship, and entrepreneurship. The program began in South Africa and currently implemented in Australia.

Greg As an ambassador for City Philanthropy is passionate in giving back the society by shaping, directing, and informing the city about trends in business in the United Kingdom. Moreover, He does this by trying to get business owners and entrepreneurs to participate in Philanthropy. He also aims at making it possible for Businesses to integrate philanthropy into core operation model rather than only signing a cheque and giving it to charity.