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SahmAdrangi Weighs In On Seeking Alpha’s GNC Research

Recently, SahmAdrangi was intrigued by an article on Seeking Alpha titled, “An Ode to Those Who Wander Piece.’ The 35-year-old sent his reply to the author of the article who has since published a summary of the piece. First, the investor wrote that he was pleased with article and the writer’s outlook on GNC stock. SahmAdrangi has invested in the company’s stocks.

Over the other weekend, the two meet and discussed more about GNC Holdings, Inc. They talked about the writer’s ‘high-caliber’ and passionate GNC research. Sahm pointed out that he has been improving GNC’s composition of his portfolio. They passionately discussed their love for high conviction research. Sahm and the trader were not dissuaded by the stocks’ move against them. For the two traders, the trend that the company’s stock is currently facing provides them with an opportunity to buy more of its shares cheaply. Having vast experience in trading, the two traders know well that the stock market is filled with ups and downs. These ebbs and flows are always alternating, thus it is up to an investor to invest strategically to make the most out of them. Sahm said he was 100 percent behind the writer’s core thesis. He notes that his own research is in line with those done with Seeking Alpha. Besides Adrangi, other investors are reaching out for Seeking Alpha’s trade notes.

Sahm is a New York-based trader, entrepreneur, and financial expert. The strategic investor is known for his outstanding trading skills that have propelled him to become one of the world’s best stock traders. He has used his skills to found and grow Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company invests on behalf of its clients. Adrangi, who is also the company’s chief investment officer, founded it in 2009 with only $1 million in its trading accounts. The company has since grown its accounts to about $500 million.

Previously, Sahm worked for various financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. At Deutsche Bank, he was responsible for managing the firm’s high-yield and leveraged loan debt financing. This position provided him with vast experience. At Chanin Capital Partners, Adrangi rendered his services as a credit advisor.