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Igor Cornelsen and his Top Tips for Brazilian Investing

Most of Brazil’s financial institutions underperformed in 2014. The following year, although second-largest banking giant Banco Bradesco absorbed HSBC Brazil’s assets, most of the banking marketplace didn’t fare too well, either.

Some financial markets are more yielding than others, and Brazil isn’t one of them. However, fortunately for those involved with Brazil’s banking world and investing prospects, master South American investor Igor Cornelsen released several tips that every investor can utilize. Let’s look further into these tips from Mr. Igor Cornelsen.

Brazil’s politics could stand some improvement

Brazil’s most recent minister of finance, Guido Mantega, didn’t perform as well as he could have. In fact, his so-called “economic matrix” crashed and burned, failing on the largest scale. In turn, Brazil’s financial marketplace took a turn for the worst and tanked. However, future appointments to the position of minister of finance might cause the marketplace to reverse, instead barreling upwards.

Don’t traverse outside of the best-known banks

Brazil is home to many banks and financial institutions, although only the top ten or so should be trusted with investors’ assets. Some of these include Bradesco, Santander, and Itau Unibanco, where investors can be certain their money is managed well. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

China’s economics intertwine with Brazil’s

China provides a large sum of raw materials to Brazil. They also send out tons of processed goods to Latin Americ, competing with Brazil. Brazil’s financial standing is highly sensitive to changes in this matrix, making it important for investors to keep watch over current events.

PR Newswire first reported these tips from Igor Cornelsen in early 2015, although they still hold true in Brazil’s current economy. Investors should always hold a well-rounded view of what’s going on in Brazil, China, and international markets, although these tips are likely to improve an investor’s financial standing.

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The Midas Legacy

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Final Thoughts

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