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USHEALTH Advisors and its Beneficial Programs

USHEALTH (USH) is an American advisory company that helps business owners and individual’s access innovative and affordable business solutions. USH deals in the provision of advisory to its clients for a long-term benefit solution. The long-term solutions are designed to meet the client’s budget and needs. In addition, they influence an individual’s career by providing professional support in management and savings. Further, they have partnered with other organizations such as Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). There are several categories of USH such as USH advisors salary, USH advisors location, and USH Advisors insurance.


USHEALTH Advisors insurance


Through their partnering programs and subsidiaries, they provide products for self employed and individual business owners. The products include; individual health insurance, dental insurance, and income and accident solutions. Additionally, they guarantee a renewable and convertible life policy. The products are sold through agencies and insurance agencies. Recently, USH were announced as the 2017 Gold winner for its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The ceremony took place at San Francisco during the SVUS Red Carpet Awards. Mr McQuagge expressed his joy as this was the highest award that the company had received.


Insurance is one of the most essential life plans in an individual’s life. The variety of insurance plans offered by USH ensures an individual is covered at all times. The life choice plans provide a long term essential coverage of an individual’s business, health, retirement, and accident or illness which promotes confidence in insurance.



BBB ratings are opinions on how a business is supposed to run or interact with its customers. Ratings are based on information provided about the business. The information also include complains received from the public or directly from businesses or online data sources. The highest BBB rating is A+ and the lowest is F. However, when BBB declines to rate a business it is rated NR (No Rating).


The significance of BBB rating is to provide business owners additional information on their business that will aid in the monitoring of their business performances. One of the key aspects to note that leads to the decline in rating of a business is failure to honor commitments and settlements. to know more about they offer here.

Vinny Parascandola Provides Insurance Industry Expertise For AXA Advisors

People have certain things in common. The amount of money, fame, or social status does not take away from people having certain things in common. While there are many things that people do that are different, there are things such as insurance that are common among most people. Insurance is a part of life for most people. Insurance allows people to be able to have a level of comfort in their lives in relation to family, friends, business, and the future.

Many people look at insurance as a necessity. Insurance such as life and health insurance are purchased by millions of people. These types of insurance along with other types of insurance provide people with help in a time of need. If people have a medical situation or an automobile accident, insurance gives people a third party that can help them regarding advice, assistance, and money related to the insurance situation.

In the world today, there are many ways that people can purchase insurance. One of the most traditional ways is purchasing insurance from an insurance agent. In many ways, the insurance agent is an important part of the insurance industry. The insurance agent provides people with someone who understands the insurance industry, insurance, and what insurance is best regarding various situations.

An insurance company that has provided and continues to provide people access to experienced insurance agents is AXA Advisors. The company is recognized as a quality insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance related products and services. AXA Advisors was founded over a century ago. The company has gone through several name changes over the years. The current name of AXA Advisors was given several decades ago.

Vinny Parascandola is a senior level executive at AXA Advisors. He has shown an outstanding ability to make sound business decisions. Vinny Parascandola serves as a vice president at a North American office of AXA Advisors. The company is a global company with offices in locations around the world.

Vinny Parascandola has numerous responsibilities in his role as a vice president. He is given the responsibility of managing various areas of the insurance company. Vinny has produced excellent results as a senior executive at AXA Advisors.