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How Businesses Can Use Instagram to Build Their Brand

If you are on social media, you should also be on Instagram. Instagram is a great social media platform to attract new customers. By using Instagram’s free business tools, you can boost your Instagram marketing performance. For example, Instagram lets you create a free business account so that you can use analytics and create a big contact button so that users can contact you by email or via your phone number.

You should also promote your Instagram account on your other social media platforms. If you have a lot of followers on Twitter and Facebook, invite them to follow you on Instagram as well. If they are following you, that means that they like what you have to offer and will likely want to follow you on Instagram as well.

You have to post pictures are a frequent basis. If you do not post enough, people may not find you interesting enough to follow, and they may forget about you even if they do follow you. In addition, if you post too much, you will annoy your followers and make them unfollow you. You can use hashtags to get more exposure and followers. You can even create your own unique hashtag.

You should be creative with your pictures. Instagram is all about being visual with pictures. You should not use stock images that are pulled from a stock image website. Instead, you should invest in high-quality pictures. Your pictures should follow a consistent theme.

New Study Finds Very Few Small Businesses Use Instagram

Every business needs to be on social media nowadays. Although this seems like common knowledge in today’s marketplace, many small businesses are not earning as much as they could by avoiding certain social media sites.


One recent study done by Mantra found that many small businesses are really losing a great deal of money by not getting involved in Instagram. This study estimated that only 25 percent of the 1,402 U.S. small business owners surveyed use Instagram for marketing.


Researchers at Mantra believe that not being involved on Instagram could be costing various businesses thousands of customers. Since Instagram is very visual, it would be very easy for business owners to stay in contact with customers simply by posting videos and pictures. Also, Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media sites in the world, with about 500 million active users.


If there are so many benefits to using Instagram, why have so few small businesses chosen to use it? The main reason is that most people don’t know what it is or how to use it effectively. 39 percent of people surveyed actually said they don’t know how Instagram works.


Small businesses that do use Instagram overwhelmingly say they use it to get in contact with new customers. These few Instagram users say they love the social media site for its ability to help strengthen community ties and build customer loyalty.


Executives at Mantra recommend that small business owners take a serious look at Instagram and download an Instagram for Business account. Although many small businesses are using Facebook right now, Mantra says that Instagram is far more popular and can dramatically help small businesses reach out to new customers.



How Instagram Became the Best Social Network for Branding and Marketing

Social media marketing is something that business owners should not overlook these days; however, not all social networks offer the same advantages when it comes to branding opportunities.


For many years, Facebook and Twitter stood as the best networks for marketing and advertising. By 2015, photo and video sharing network Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of active followers; this announcement prompted parent company Facebook to improve the account options for business users.


These days, Instagram offers the best branding experience for business owners and managers, particularly for those that operate in the retail sector. Business accounts get a full set of analytics and insights that allow them to see how their posts are performing, and the Sponsored Stories option works even better than on Facebook due to the greater amount of engagement.


One of the reasons Instagram has become a great network for branding is that users have transformed the hashtag system into a powerful directory of interests that is fully searchable and dynamic. Another reason is that the network decided to extend the length of its video sharing option from 15 seconds to one minute. Some brands are already taking advantage of this new length by creating a long Facebook Live video and editing it down to 60 seconds to share on Instagram.


In terms of competition, the youth-oriented social network Snapchat has been quickly gaining greater market share, and this is something that Instagram has reacted to with the launch of Instagram Stories. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories allow brands to put together a slideshow that combines photos with video to create a more engaging advertisement.