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Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a registered global investment advisory entity based in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in personalized and broad financial planning. Its goal is to make positive and significant change in lives of small business vendor, individuals and families through guidance in wealth preservation, tailored investment, and retirement strategies.


Richard Blair implements a three-pillar approach to achieve a detailed financial plan. The strategies enable wealth solutions to evaluate client current economic state and retirement requirements. These methods are intended to:


  • Layout financial roadmap for customers.
  • Create an effective, lasting investment strategy that is customized to client’s specific objectives and liquidity needs.
  • Review insurance requirements and assist with annuities, long-term care insurance, and life insurance.


Wealth Solutions’ Products


At Wealth Solutions, the independent investor works with prosperous individuals, and small business owners who have accumulated wealth during their productive years and unable to manage them. He provides detailed asset management approaches to assist customers to build and protect their possessions. Richard guides them in developing an investment portfolio that allows for diversification based on their goals.


The certified income and trust specialist insists on the value of using a comprehensive financial plan. Mr. Richard Blair uses the manuscript to make right decisions concerning the wealth of his customers. The financial document comprises of estate, retirement, and education planning. Richard Blair takes his customers through the retirement planning process. The renowned entrepreneur shows them how to come up with an operative retirement plan. Richard makes sure that staffs at Wealth Solution guide customers in navigating the complicated retirement issues.




About Richard Blair


Richard Blair a self-driven financial advisor and founder of Wealth Solutions. He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Houston. The finance advisor is a certified income, fund, estate, trustee, annuity, retirement income professional and tax specialist. Richard delights in helping people towards accomplishment of their individual financial targets.


Mr. Blair offers comprehensive strategies of wealth management that may assist individuals in growing and protecting their wealth. Under Richard’s tenure, local customers at Wealth Solutions enjoy employment opportunities. He has established relationships with the public through frequent communication and face-to-face meetings. Long-term interactions allow him to gain trust and respect from his clientele.

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